shawl updates

I’ve finished two more shawls.  It’s funny how addicting something like this becomes.  I’m working on one and mentally planning the next one, and then the next one.  I love seeing how two different yarns come together in a warp and weft situation.  Sometimes not at all what I envisioned.  Sometimes I think “oh, no no no” after the first couple of inches and then come to love it after it’s done. First up is my Emerald Blues Shawl.  It’s woven with Madeline Tosh Lace and Crazy Zauberball.  Crazy in love!

eb collage emerald blues collage

Ravelry link. And just finished today is a shawl woven with hand spun… Yarn Pirate’s Heart of Gold and some merino super wash in a fingering weight that I kettle dyed in Vermillion.  Heart of Vermillion Gold.

kd vermilion1

I loved kettle dying and can’t wait to do some more after I get my shipment of yarn.  Why oh why do packages to Canada take so long?  sigh

heart of vermillion woven shawl collage2

Ravelry link. Both shawls will be added to the shop and our market stall this summer.

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