amazon emerald woven shawl

I’ve always been a process knitter/crafter.  I love the process.  I love to make.  Sure, I love the finished product… most of the time.  But I’ve also knit things only to completely rip them out after they were finished and make something new with the yarn.  So to take the weaving process back to the basics, short of having sheep, I’m experiencing the joys of creating on a whole new level.  Dye, spin, weave…  I could do this all day, every day.  Oh wait, I do!

I started with some bare roving, a lovely merino and silk blend.  It shimmers… spun or unspun!  I first dyed it using aqua and amethyst, but I left too much white… more than I wanted.  So I overdyed it with amazon green and it achieved this lovely saturated colour.  I then spun it, making 247 yards.  This was my weft.  I also dyed some super wash merino fingering weight yarn with emerald green and that became my warp.

ae fibre collage

And created this:





This softness of this is incredible.  All that soft merino wool and silk makes for one very smooshy shawl.

It’s 12.5 ” by 63″ with 5″ twisted fringe.  Details on Ravelry and it will be eventually listed in our Etsy shop.

Lucky for me, I get to do lots more as my shipment of yarn and roving came in the mail this morning!  Yippee!

2 thoughts on “amazon emerald woven shawl

  1. I feel like I say the same thing all the time but this is really beautiful work Kate. I love your eye for colour! How long have you been a weaver? Which loom do you use?

    I signed up for a Rigid Heddle weaving class at Stitches East in October; you’re inspiring me to really go at it.

    • Hi Nicky, thank you so much… I love colour and it’s been a lot of fun trying new things out. I got my loom in 2008, an Ashford 24″ rigid heddle, and taught myself to weave. I did a lot back then, then it got set aside for other things and life… and I picked it up again last fall. I’ve thought about getting a 4 or 8 shaft loom, but I really love the simplicity of the rigid heddle and with so many great yarns out there and spinning and dyeing yarn, it feels like the possibilities are endless… and there are still more things to learn about it!

      I hope you enjoy your class and I look forward to seeing what you make! all the best, kate

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