best exotic marigold shawl

I made a trip down to my sister’s last week and needed something to knit on the train.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve knit something for me and even longer since I knit lace.  I searched through Ravelry and hours later came out with this pattern.  It’s called New Beginnings and has one of my favourite pattern stitch, feather and fan, as well as simple stockinette and garter stitch.  It’s adaptable to any yarn weight, any amount of yardage.  And it was perfect to knit while we chatted and plotted and schemed about our market booths this summer.

best marigold shawl

Details on Ravelry. I decided to name this Best Exotic Marigold Shawl.  The l dyed the lace-weight yarn and it reminded me so much of marigolds.  And I’m watching Best Exotic Marigold Hotel on Netflix while treadmilling… so yeah. Perfect name! And not too difficult to knit while watching the gorgeous scenery roll by while on the train.

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Now I’m back home and back to weaving and dyeing and enjoying the unexpected sunny weekend.  How can weather forecasters be so wrong… and thankful they are this time! Have a good week!

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