work is in progress

As the countdown to our market booth is fast approaching (July 5, Edmonds Summer Market), I’ve been spending my days making sure every bit of fibre I have is dyed, spun, woven… whatever it takes!  The latest batch is handspun that I dyed.  They are each 100grams of Peruvian Wool Top and spun mostly to a worsted weight, with a few DK weights thrown in.


handspun collage1

Top:  Emerald Rose, 196 yds, 10wpi/worsted

Middle:  Sea to Sky, 181 yds, 9wpi/worsted

Bottom:  Tropical, 171 yds, 10wpi/worsted


handspun collage2

Top:  Citrus, 185 yds, 12wpi/DK

Middle:  Poppy Field, 220 yds, 10wpi/worsted

Bottom:  Cobbler, 215 yds, 12wpi/DK


One of the joys of crafting is having different things to focus on.  Sometimes all I want to do is weave and do that exclusively for weeks.  Then it’s over to the wheel and spinning, which is where I’ve been the last week or so.  Sometimes it’s a combo of both.

Now that the spinning has all been spun, I’m going to knit up some samples using a superwash merino fingering weight that I dyed in a two-tone, hopefully striping, colourway.

sky blue violet

Details of the handspun is on my Ravelry site.  Off to find my needles….

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