market day

Our day finally came, July 5th.  We spun, dyed, wove, knit, crocheted, priced, tagged, hauled it and our tables and tent to the market… and we sold!  It being our very first market booth, we really weren’t sure what to expect.   Some things we thought would do well, didn’t.  Some things we weren’t sure about, did well.  But we’re calling it a success and have already made adjustments in our planning and we have set new game plans in motion for our next booth, August 30th.

Despite the bit of rain we got… rats… we had a blast and the best part in this whole endeavour is doing it together.  Our mom and dad would be very happy.   We had great support from our family and friends;  friends who were able to stop by and visit us on Saturday, and support from our friends who were unable to.  We are very grateful!  Everyone who has encouraged us and given us positive feedback, we thank you so much!

Here are a few snaps we took, with our iPhones, of the day.   We started with an all-day work day on the 4th of July, finalizing the inventory, tagging everything and deciding on our final set up for the booth.  But we did manage to sneak out for a walk, grab a latte and smell the most amazing roses along the way.

july 4th

And take selfies with our yarn.  We are not the best at taking selfies… I kind of hogged our selfie space here… oops, sorry Sis!

fiber sisters

We arrived bright and early and with the help of our husbands, were able to set up our table of goodies.  Next to us, setting up, was Jonboy Caramels.  Lucky us!  They were really good.

elf market2 elf market1

We were feeling pretty darn professional with our sign.

elf market4 elf market3


We were very lucky to have open space on either side of our tent and we had the good fortune to have some folk singers set up and sing their hearts out.  The two young men came first and asked to borrow our stools to play, and we let them, provided they take requests (ahem, Bob Dylan).   Then the two ladies came, the four of them jammed on a couple of songs, then they performed on their own until the unfortunate rain came.  They were amazing to hear.  Darn that rain!!

elf market5

We made our last sale as we were getting ready to pack up for the day.  We met so many nice people and got great feedback on our items.  Lots of note taking ensued afterwards!


After the wine, that is.

Now I’m back home, resting up, ordering more yarn and fiber to get dyeing for the next market!  Cheers!

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