in the mountains

and the mountain lakes…



Off on a little retreat with the Mister, which includes yarn of course.  I’m working on writing up the pattern to this:

eyelet ridge shawlette

And trying to figure out PDFs and how to upload them so you can download them.  I added my two patterns listed in the menu bar to Ravelry, and that links them back to here.  But I really would like a better version of a PDF to link it to.  Oh…. so many brain cells needed, so many dying off…

And having a little fun too, like doing a little hiking (11k today and boy am I tired!) and hanging out in the cool green places with local critters.


This little guy was trying to lure me, I’m positive, to a bear.  I’m sure he had an exchange… nuts for man woman flesh.  He’d pose, then lure me to the next post just as I was trying to get his photo… But I caught on, little scamp!  😉

Carry on!


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