monday report …

Happy Monday! I had a great weekend spinning and dyeing. The weather was absolutely perfect to sit in front of my little window and a breeze would come in… keep my iced latte cool, listening to my podcasts. But today it’s supposed to be up to 33C/86F and it just might be a bit too warm to spin wool. Might… but I’ll try anyway!


I’ve got 3 skeins ready for shawl kits and 4 in the works.



I have to get the patterns finished and printed. I have more dyeing to do. Photos to take. Labels to make. Lists to update.

Kittens to love. Mine…


And the neighbour’s…


I plied this yarn and it’s always a challenge not to have any wasted singles. It’s a mission to me to get my spools equally loaded, but I always have leftovers on one. Now I just save them up and ply little mini balls together to give to my sister who is knitting her handspun knit-bit baby hats, so it doesn’t bother me anymore (although I still want maximum yardage!) This is the best I’ve ever done. I had about 8″ left and I felt victorious. Until the next one…


Better get to work! Have a good week and enjoy these dog days of summer!

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