quick recap

Wow.  I mean, WOW!  What a weekend we had!  Missy and I had our second market booth at the Edmonds Summer Market and we had a blast.  I think our location was better, or the cooler rainy weather brought out all the yarn lovers!  We had so much fun meeting up with old friends, new friends, people who weren’t sure about us, chatting with the Mustard Man next to us, the Garden Box man on the other side…  It was exhausting and more fun than I’ve had in a long time.


market booth

market booth

It’s taking a few days to decompress, assess what we sold, what we learned, what we made mistakes on… I think because this wasn’t our first time, we were more relaxed and were able to enjoy it more.  I think because we edited a lot of things out, (sort of the 15-page menu versus the 2-page menu theory, or Less is More), it was more clear and easy to interpret who we are and what we do. It seems all kind of wrong to leave things home in boxes, but then we were able to focus on what we’re really passionate about right now.

Also, layout. Before we had a U-shape and we had the hardest time getting people to come IN to our booth. Maybe they thought if they were in, they’d be trapped! This time we were the ones trapped in the middle and we had the tables around the perimeter. Quick and easy escape if needed for them…. for us we had to jump over a stool to our friend, the Mustard Man, and scoot out between our booths. Much better. Melissa’s gorgeous quilts that served as our table cloths also, I’m sure, drew people over.

So today I’m up to my eyeballs in dye, replenishing the kit yarn for our Mitt Kits. I joked with Missy before Saturday that I hope we’re not sitting over coffee on Sunday morning saying, “Geez, I really thought those kits would have sold”. They sold. I can’t wait to see how everybody’s come out, so we’ll be scoping out photos of them and hopefully getting some feedback.

Now that I’m home, I’m trying to get organized. We hope to get our Etsy shop up this afternoon, or tomorrow by the latest.

The view of Puget Sound on the train coming home was spectacular. A very fitting end to the weekend!

puget sound

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