Deep Cove Cowl

A new pattern! Named after one of the most beautiful spots anywhere, Deep Cove, the new cowl is a quick and simple project that when finished will give you a warm wrap around the neck that will keep away drafts, stay in place and not fall off (one of my pet peeves about wearing scarves).

Very similar to my Squishy Ribbed Cowl, the Deep Cove Cowl has an added twist and slipped stitches. The twist takes it one step beyond the mobius.. it’s a full twist on the needles versus a half-twist. Having the twist makes it always fall nicely around your neck, no matter which way you plop it over your head. And because the circumference is not big but more compact, it doesn’t have the awkward “knot” look that the full twist has when knit longer.

And one more photo of me and my crazy eyes wearing it…

dc cowl2

We will be selling the pattern along with the yarn (kettle-dyed worsted superwash merino) at the Craft Bazaar next weekend, on the 15th (info in the sidebar) and at Room6 starting the following weekend (Nov 22… more details to come).

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  • The finished measurements are 24″ in circumference and 9″ high.
  • You will need approximately 200 to 240 yards of worsted weight yarn, size 5US needles and a 24″ circular needle.
  • Pattern is $2 and in PDF form.
  • Pattern Link via Ravelry.

5 thoughts on “Deep Cove Cowl

  1. Love that the design was intentional on keeping the cowl in place and close to the wearer’s neck. So many of them fall forward and are pretty without being functional. This one is both!

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