Holiday Bazaar … check!


I just got back home from my sister’s yesterday afternoon, and we had the holiday bazaar on Saturday! We again had so much fun meeting people, seeing old friends and sharing our love of fibery goodness with anyone and everyone who came by. The Mill Creek Lion’s Club did a great job holding it and thankfully it was all indoors, since it was sub-freezing outside! Each time we do this we learn a little more about what works and what doesn’t work, and a lot of it is a surprise, but we were happy with how it went and we’re really looking forward to next weekend at Room6 and then planning for next year.

This week will be all about organizing, tagging, packaging and making lists upon lists. It’s also about getting my passport renewed so I can make more trips, getting our oven fixed so I can get back to dyeing in it (I mostly use the crockpot), and getting our bathroom renovated so I can take a shower again. Our master bath shower sprung a leak early last summer and it’s taken this long to get it fixed. And as long as we’re replacing the shower… you know. And btw, I have been showering… I just have to shlep downstairs to the guest bathroom. eek.. such a burden… (not really) 😉


Okay, powering up on the caffeine and it’s time to get this party started! And again, many many thanks to everyone who came by to see us last Saturday and support us sisters! ❤ ❤

:: edited for grammar and clarity.  — need. more. coffee. —

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