kicking things off

I’m definitely getting my holiday buzz on… much earlier than usual, but why not? It’s dark, dreary, rainy. I need sparkly lights, wool in my hands, wool on my feet, music, hot beverages.


We had a great day at Room6 on Saturday! We arrived to see our yarn and kits artfully arranged and I set up our winder and swift. I brought my spinning wheel and plunked myself in everyone’s way.

We met new friends and saw old friends. The day flew by and we are so grateful to Megan and her team for making us so welcome and providing a fun atmosphere. We had tea and cookies provided by Sunnyside and Provisions12, there was music and amazingly, there was sunshine!

IMG_8532 IMG_0039

Again, a HUGE thanks to Megan and her crack team at Room6! ❤ Our yarn/handspun/kits will be there through the holidays and hopefully we can sneak it past into the new year too… 😉

IMG_8539 IMG_8536

Yesterday I spent the whole day in my pjs. It was wonderful! Nothing that needed to be done where people would see me. Instead, after seeing my favourite sister off to go home, I sat by the fire and spun all day. I also dyed some yummy peruvian top that I will get spun up this week to bring down to the cove.


I finally got around to photographing the latest Ripple Wave Mitts… these are in the Vineyard colourway. I love them to bits… if I can say that without sounding like I’m bragging. But they really are lovely 🙂

IMG_8564 IMG_8561

Melissa finished our Deep Cove Cowl in this gorgeous Madeline Tosh DK she got in Portland a while back. I love seeing how it came out in a yarn with more variegation. Yum! She adapted the pattern for DK and it looks great! I’m thinking of trying it in some bulky yarn.

IMG_8553 IMG_8551 IMG_8549

This week I’ve got to get a friend started on her cowl, do more dyeing and spinning and knit a pair of mitts for my friend.

Over on Ravelry, we’ve started an Emerald Lotus Fiberartists Group. Please come and join us and we can catch up with each other and our projects! I’ve also added our yarns into their database, so if you enter a project, our yarn should pop up when you type in “Emerald Lotus Fiberarts”. Melissa is going to be adding some things to our Etsy shop. We had to close things down for a bit while we did our holiday market booth and getting our items ready for Room6, but soon there will be some pretty things listed.

Sorry this post was a bit scattered, but that’s how life has been lately! I’m looking forward to spinning today and listening to podcasts. I need to download and listen to “Serial” which my daughter and her friend have been raving about. And I’ll finally get out of these pjs and look presentable. 😉


Have a great week!

5 thoughts on “kicking things off

  1. love this post and all it’s pictures…and I like you even more (how’s that possible) now that I know that you are an Orla Kiely fan. I have almost the same bag–different print. Every year, my husband gets me one of her bags 🙂

    • oh wow, you must have quite the collection! I have three of her bags and one wallet which I absolutely love…best ever! and of course I covet more :0 xox

  2. Lovely recap and I absolutely love that first pic. Minus the sparkly lights, that’s how I spent my Black Friday and yesterday with more of the same going on today after I put up my Charlie Brown Christmas tree. 😀

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