As you can see, I changed up the look here. I’ll be tweaking it and who knows, maybe switch back to the old template if I’m not happy. But I do love to change things around. Keeps the boredom at bay.

I made a quick trip down to the cove today to drop off some wee ELF baby hats and handspun yarn to Room6. I’m happy to report that things are selling and I’m going to be restocking my Deep Cove Cowl kits!

IMG_8678 IMG_8681

Two more handspuns: Bayberry, merino wool – 290 yards (top photo) and Blue Spruce, peruvian wool top – 173 yards (bottom photo).

IMG_8689 IMG_8684

And of course a trip to the cove needs a photo. It’s so calm and peaceful after the big storm yesterday and last night. Howling winds, driving rain, high tide….

dec 12 deep covedeep cove chair

I guess it’s December and winter will very soon be here! Stay warm and dry!

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