04/52 : 2015

Getting back into the swing of things here! I’m having trouble remembering to use the camera, despite lugging it around.

Tulips and daffodils are in the stores now and I love to get a few bunches for the house to brighten things up and remind me that Spring is coming.


We’ve had a request for more springtime baby hats, so we’ve come up with some cute ones this week that I’m really excited about.


The cat and I are getting back to our usual routine of snuggles and love after a few days of passive/aggressiveness. I’m forgiven until he has to go to the vet this week for his checkup and shots and he sees we’re starting to get ready for our next trip. Oh dear….


I did manage to do some organizing… the pantry, refrigerator, and yarn. You know, the essentials of life! And while the East is having a heck of a storm, we’re having warm sunny weather. Go figure! I was out doing some yard cleanup this afternoon and found one little crocus blooming.  Happy Monday to you!

One thought on “04/52 : 2015

  1. Melissa Johnson

    We just got back from a long walk…it is positively summery out. Blossoms coming out on some trees, my primroses are blooming! Happy Monday indeed 😀


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