I know I haven’t exactly been burning up the internet with posts lately. Things have been quiet but good around here. Quietly working on my sweater which I’m totally in love with. Quietly working on a lace pattern to take on our next adventure. Quietly (ok, maybe not so quiet) working out on my treadmill and getting my walking muscles up to snuff.


Here is my Kikusui cardigan sweater as of today. I’m ready to bind off the ribbing at the bottom and pick up the sleeves for a big finish.  Modifications so far have been increasing the collar by one pattern repeat, eliminating the waist decreases, and making a wider bottom rib. It’s fitting like a dream and I can’t wait to get back to it and finish it off!

So I’ll be back in April with a few thousand photos and hopefully a pretty lacy thing all finished as well.

The above rice paddy photo is my laptop wallpaper curtesy of Apple. I hope to replace it with one of my own… 🙂

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