home again!

We got home last week and I’m still trying to get my body back to the pacific time zone. I’m sleeping a lot, napping a lot and my cat is very happy about that since he likes it when I lay around. We have a lot of catching up to do, he and I!

I have knitting that I have been working on, but before I get back to that, I have started editing and posting photos from our trip. I have a lot… about 1,500 of them and I’ve been trying to get that number down. I’m determined to get this done in the next week, before I begin to forget everything and every place we visited. And there were a lot of places: Hong Kong, Kaiping China, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Shanghai. My head is still swirling from it all!

So my first two batches of photos are up on flickr. I decided to group them by city and work on each group until I’m happy with what I’ve got. Hong Kong and Kaiping, China are first up.

hong kong skyline

This trip was sponsored by UBC Alumni Travel and hosted by Worldwide Quest. They did an amazing job! We had a study leader join us, Dr. Henry Yu, a professor of History at UBC as well as Principal of St. John’s Graduate College at UBC. Warren had worked with him on a project on Chinese Canadian stories a few years earlier, so when we saw this tour come up and Henry’s name attached, we were one of the first to sign up. We were a small group and very well taken care of. And the subtitle, “Chinese Migrations and Cuisine” had us eating a lot of very delicious food!


Our small group just outside the Cang Dang Village in Kaiping, China.

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