may day: bits and pieces

It was a gorgeous spring day down in the cove. I ran down to Room6 bring in our latest baby ELF hats. These are mostly cotton, a few wool and a few cotton/wool blends.

elf hats in room6 baby toques

I’m knitting on a lace stole that I hope to have a pattern written for. I had a minor glitch (ran out of yarn!) and had to rip back unfortunately, but I’m back on track and I think it’s going to look pretty great. I feel like I’ve been knitting this lace forever, but trial and error does take awhile!

Our handspun mostly sold out in the shop. I brought the last couple of skeins home a few weeks ago and will be making some warm wooly baby hats for next Fall and Winter with the yarn, and then dyeing and spinning up some new skeins for the Fall.

We are getting our act together for the summer market season. A few patterns to write, yarn to dye and dates to be confirmed. As soon as they are, we’ll be posting them here and on our Facebook page.

Our Etsy shop is on hiatus right now. Not sure what we’re going to do with it, but for now it’s just in a holding pattern.

Okay… back to knitting!


4 thoughts on “may day: bits and pieces

  1. Lovely little hats! They make my heart sing. Looking forward to the lace shawl pattern. Considering it is coming from you, it is bound to be beautiful!

    • I never tire of making these hats! I love a project you can start and finish in an evening! The lace shawl pattern though… sigh… not going very well! I need to figure this out but it’s in a time-out right now! lol ; )

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