I’m having trouble motivating myself to update this blog. Life has been busy and full of family, adventure, fluting and lots of crafting. It’s hard to discipline myself to sit down and write, edit photos… etc. I guess that’s why more and more I’m relying on Instagram to tell my story… So quick and easy to update and then carry on!

But today it’s hot and I’m parked in front of my fan. It’s a good excuse not to move (and move my fan along with me). The two of us will be heading over to my spinning wheel in a bit.

My sister and I visited a local mill a few weeks ago and came upon the most lovely bucolic scene of sheep, llamas and rooms full of fibre! So of course we bought lots and are busy spinning for Room6 this fall. Lovely blends of alpaca, merino, mohair, angora… natural, undyed, delicious and wonderfully prepared for spinning. We feel so lucky to have found this farm and that it’s a local source.

While I spin, I listen to podcasts. I know there are many many crafting/spinning/wooly podcasts out there and I do listen to them occasionally, but for me I like something a little different. My two favourites are StarTalk with Neil Degrasse Tyson. Fun and informative and gets me thinking of things I never imagined! I also love Here’s The Thing, hosted by Alec Baldwin. He is a very good interviewer who doesn’t talk all over his guests. That’s something that is a “no thanks” for me. I’ve never been disappointed by his podcasts. Listening while I spin is a perfect way to spend an afternoon, imo. Of course, silence is golden too and is a good meditation time for me.

I’m knitting Through The Loops’ latest Mystery Shawl. I love her patterns… and knew that it would be a winner without seeing or knowing anything about it. I’m using some handdyed KnitPicks fingering weight and having fun. It’s addicting!


In less than 2 weeks we have our first of four market booths. I think we’re mostly ready, but still have a little more dyeing to do and labels to print, etc. I hope this warm dry weather holds but regardless, we’ll be there under our newly purchased tent, with yarn and project bags and patterns and smiling faces, ready to have fun!

One thought on “summertime

  1. I totally get it! I feel the same way too but I need to blog. For my sake. So I sit down and write 2 or three at a time and just schedule them. That way I keep the blog up to date and still enjoy everything else.

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