what’s on the needles?


Time for a little knitting accountability.


Kikusui Cardigan. I started this earlier this year and set it aside for other projects, travelling, getting ready for the market season. But it’s getting close to Fall and I’m determined to wear it! The cardigan is an easy fit. I made a few modifications as I’ve been knitting it. I made the collar a bit bigger. I eliminated the waist shaping and I went for an elongated rib at the bottom. I’m working on the sleeves right now and I can see the end in sight!

Yarn: Madeline Tosh Merino DK in Tart.


Daybreak Shawl. I recently bought this yarn at All Wound Up this summer and started it on a trip to WashDC in July/August. It’s a fun, easy pattern. But after I started the striping section, I realized I didn’t want the variegated as the main section. I wanted the solid. So I ripped it all out two days ago and started it again with the dark solid as the main colour and the bright variegated as the striped section. I love it this way.

Yarn: Malabrigo Sock in Eggplant and Manos del Uruguay Alegria in Botanico.


Parakeet Tube Socks. Melissa dyed a few new colourways for our fingering weight yarn this summer and Parakeet was one of them. I’m making the pattern she wrote up for tube socks. I’m really looking forward to wearing some bright socks in my shoes this Fall.

Yarn: Emerald Lotus Fingering in Parakeet.


Through The Loops Mystery Shawl. Eek, I forgot about this one! I’m almost done. I need to complete the last clue and then block it. I just did a check on Ravelry to see if it’s been named yet, and it has. The Liz Christy Shawl. This is taken from the pattern page on Ravelry:

Liz Christy after the founder of the community garden in Manhattan. Liz Christy would toss seed grenades–balloons filled with wildflower seeds and fertilizer– into New York City’s garbage-strewn vacant lots to see what would grow. She was a founder of the Green Guerillas.

Yarn: KnitPicks handdyed in Cypress and Gerbera.

How many things do you have going at once? This actually isn’t as bad as I thought it would be 😉

8 thoughts on “what’s on the needles?

  1. Love the rich red shawl. Oh and being new to knitting socks, I’m entirely smitten with yours. To answer your question, I’m one of those weirdos who only knits one item at a time. I know. But if it helps to know, I’m an incessant yarn collector :=)

  2. I’m drawn to that Daybreak shawl. But it looks a bit hard! Maybe it isn’t – but it looks it!
    Are there short rows? I don’t do those – ha!
    I actually have about 25 things started right now!

    Linda in VA (who can’t stop starting things)!

    • Hi Linda, my first question when I saw this shawl in the shop was the same as yours… are those short rows, because I don’t do those either! So no, they are not! It is not a hard pattern at all… as long as you’ve got your stitch markers to mark where the increases are, it’s mainly knit/purl rows.

      And go ahead and start one… what’s one more when you’ve already got 25, right?


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