Panorama Stole

Oh, two posts in less than a week… crazy!!

I finally got around to writing up and publishing this pattern for a simple, crescent-shaped stole that I knit a few years ago. I’ve knit 3 out of handspun and they are so soft to wear, easy to throw around the shoulders and quick to knit.

panorama stole2

It’s very simple construction. You start with three stitches and then increase at each end on each row. I love the texture of different stitches, and obviously from my other patterns I love garter ridges and eyelets, so I’ve incorporated those stitch patterns into the stole.

I recently dyed and spun some BFL handspun for a good friend and she wanted to make this stole after seeing me wear mine one day.

IMG_4590So I hastily wrote out some basic instructions and she was able to decipher those to make a lovely stole.

nancy stole 2
photo by nancy

And she’s knitting another one out of some Madeline Tosh, and just ordered some more handspun to make a third one. Well that got me to thinking that I really need to do a better job at writing it out, so here it is!

Panorama Stole

I’m offering this as a free pattern on Ravelry as a thank you to everyone who has supported our little yarn adventure. I hope you enjoy it!

panorama stole

panorama stole4

Happy knitting!



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