Silk Road Wrap

The long and winding road…


This pattern was a long time in the making and lived many different lives. It was a long skinny scarf. It was two panels sewn together, it was a shoulder wrap and finally it is a poncho.

I started this as a light summery wrap to take to Italy, way back in 2014. It turned out longer and skinnier than I really wanted, but I do still wear it as a long scarf. Lace is such a nice thing to wear wrapped around your neck, especially clutching bowls of delicious gelato!

Gelato anyone?

Next I did two shorter but deeper panels and tried sewing them together to make a top/poncho type thing. But no… I didn’t like the way it draped. The panels weren’t long enough and I had wings. So…. I ripped that one out before I had a chance to even take a picture of it! This was something I knit on our trip to China and Southeast Asia last March 2015. (and played well into my idea of calling it Silk Road)

Versions Three and Four: a shorter shoulder wrap that I still like. I wear it with a shawl pin. I knit the 4th one (below) on our cruise this last March 2016 around South America. It was an epic trip and I got a lot of knitting done, and I was inspired to keep at it and get the pattern written by our fabulous knit group on the ship. Oh my, I miss our knitting sessions in the martini lounge!

But as soon as I finished this, I thought… Hmmm no, what I REALLY want is for it to be longer so I can sew it up along the top edge and wear it like a poncho.


I reworked the numbers and repeats, braced myself for knitting it AGAIN  and voila, the fifth and final version!

I used about 900 yards of lace weight yarn. Warning: there are a lot of stitches in each row. For the Roman Stripe pattern, the stitches almost double for 2 rows…. a mind-boggling 520-ish stitches! But it goes fast, I promise!

This is lightweight, soft as only merino-lace can be. I’m looking forward to wearing it this summer as a cool cover up over a tank top.


Right now I’m offering the pattern Free for the month of May. (It will be $4 starting June 1).  It’s my birthday today and I wanted to give you a treat and a thank you for supporting our little yarn business. The link is here to the Ravelry page.

Enjoy and happy knitting!

4 thoughts on “Silk Road Wrap

  1. One day late – Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns. I’ve downloaded the pretty shawl from Ravelry which I saw because of a comment on Thank you for the “Reverse Birthday Present”

  2. All versions so beautiful but I’ll have to admit … lace and lace weight yarn scare the bejesus out of me! So I’m content to look at your beautiful creations in the meantime. 🙂

    • Thank you my dear! Would it tempt you if I told you I’m adding fingering weight to the pattern? lol… Now I’m going to go stare at your beautiful handspun! xo

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