Off The Hook

I’m certainly not off the hook for writing blog posts, but I am for my new crocheted shawl.


I decided on a whim to join the crochet-along that All Wound Up hosted this summer. Nona had a lovely sample made from the soft Herriot Fine from Jupiter Moon Farms. It’s a 75/25 blend of alpaca and nylon in a light fingering weight. And it is so soft! So I decided to use the same yarn in these two colours: Lakeville and Travertine.


This Tunisian Crochet is a new-to-me technique. The pattern, by Aoibhe Ni, is complicated, challenging and a delight to do… once I watched the youtube tutorials by Aoibhe Ni and Nona from AWU.


I would definitely make this again, now that I’ve got it figured out, and would make the edge chains much looser. Mine tends to pull a bit.

I omitted the cnupps in the last row of fans and I don’t think it takes away from the beauty of the shawl.


The weather has turned cooler and our furnace has already kicked in, so this is finished just in time to keep me warm and cozy this fall and winter. And with its finished size of 82″ by 25″, there will be plenty of warm alpaca to do the job.

Ravelry details.

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