a winter’s day

In a deep and dark December.

I had to get out for a walk today. The sun is shining and although it’s -4C, it was too pretty to stay inside.


We walked our usual path over to the library to warm up, then we went on up to the Northlands Golf Course for a good view.


Coming back down was a bit dicey and I wasn’t paying attention to the “dun dun dun” Black Ice! Rannits. I fell on my behind, bruising my ego and ye-old-backside. I’ll be fine.


It was cold, crunchy snow on much of the path. But despite all that, my feet were warm! Yay knitted socks!


My new Christmas Socks are knit with Opal Klangwelten in “Popmusik”. Details on my Ravelry page. These are basic stockinette socks and for the heel I incorporated the instructions from Knitting Squirrel for the Dutch Square heel, just to try something different. I really like how it came out and it fits me well.


Rocky enjoys a good sunny window. Smart boy to stay warm.



6 thoughts on “a winter’s day

  1. Beautiful winter photography Kate. And your Christmas socks are perfect!!!! I remember when we lived in the Midwest we had storms that would come down from Canada but they were nothing to the Polar Vortex.

    • Thank you, Claudia! We haven’t had this long stretch of cold and snow for a very long time! I’m enjoying it and it’s beautiful, but I’m sure missing the warm beaches of So. Cal!

  2. Your snowy photos are so beautiful. Love your socks! I’m so pleased you find the heel comfortable. It has become my favourite heel to knit and wear.

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