a crafty 2016


I was tidying up my Ravelry project page and making sure I had everything up-to-date, and thought it would be fun to do a tally of my projects completed in 2016.

4 pairs of mittens/fingerless mitts

4 pairs of socks

11 toques

8 cowls

2 baby blankets

8 shawls/wraps/ponchos

2 baby sweaters

1 sleeveless top

1 bracelet

20 maple leaves

I added 4 patterns to my store, for a total of 10 patterns. 5 free and 5 for sale.

I have so many projects in my queue and so much stashed yarn, but looking at this, I’m pretty happy!



7 thoughts on “a crafty 2016

    1. kate lore Post author

      Not sure I can pass this year! I’m thinking I want to do more big projects and complicated projects… maybe a sweater or two! What is your goal?

      1. Nicky

        I’m working on my crafty goals post now. I’m beginning to feel better and it’s time to get back in the crafting fray! πŸ˜€ I’ll post sometime this week coming up.

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