01/52 : 2017

I guess it’s something about the odd years. Looking back at my previous attempts at Project52, I completed 2013 and tried to do 2015 but gave up after about 4 weeks. So now it’s 2017 and I think I want to do this again.

I take photos all week and post them on instagram and on flickr. So why another venue? These will be the ones that I don’t post. That’s my criteria. They’ve got to be different, otherwise what’s the point? So I guess this will be Project52 – The Outtakes 😉

It works out that the first week ends on Saturday, so I’ll be posting Project52 on Sundays.

Okay, let’s do this!

white tusk
White Tusk
moorland snippets
Moorland Snippets – A new blanket I’m starting from Attic24
sampler cat
Sampler Cat – I stitched the pillow back in 1986. The cat is circa 2001.
setting sun
Snowy Sunset – And it’s cold!
low light
Low Light – It’s time to get blinds in the living room
filtered me
Filtered Me – If we can filter our water, we can certainly filter ourselves. Especially with THAT neck. sigh…
snow bushes
Snow Bushes – it’s so cold the snow hasn’t melted at all.
packing up
Packing Up – the wok that made the blessed corned beef hash.
snowy day
Snow Day
snow branches
Snow Branches
PussyHats – the count is up to 7 and still knitting!

I can’t remember a winter this snowy since 2008/2009. We’ve had snow on the ground since December 5th. It’s piled up all around the house – because of our metal roof, the snow thunders (really loud!) down the roof and we’re surrounded by a growing mountain of snow.

We had a wonderful holiday with all the kids back in town and hanging out with us. My sister and brother-in-law came up for New Year’s and we had a fun visit.

We ate way WAY too much food and I’m feeling like a fat slug, so I’m back on the treadmill and trying to get my 10,000 steps a day.

Knitting knitting knitting pussy hats right now. I’ve finished 7 and need to get more done for the 21st, where I will be marching in the Seattle Women’s March with my sister and our friends.

I hope you had a good week!

3 thoughts on “01/52 : 2017

  1. Lovely post Kate! I did the 52 weeks with Simcha for several years and think it really helped me become better with pet photography! I also share pics on various forum, I find that they have different users but like to keep a few originals for the blog too 🙂 I loved your “filter” comment. I don’t know where I would be without the soften lines feature! lol

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