02/52 : 2017

Made it to the second week! It’s been cold and I’ve gotten out for a few walks, but very carefully as I’m afraid of slipping on the ice again. I’m knitting more pussyhats… in less than a week we march!

I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m looking forward to being a part of a movement and making a positive statement about how I feel about the way the country is headed. I still can’t believe that that horrible man is going to be the president. It’s just inconceivable that someone so incompetent, petty, a compulsive liar and don’t get me started on who is propagating this fake news situation. From the beginning he was spouting untruths and innuendo and rumours as if it were facts. And that is just a small sampling of what is wrong with that man.

Anyway, on I knit for peace, for charity, and for myself. It makes me feel calm and good.

Also, for anyone wondering… hey she lives in Canada. Yes I do. I am a dual citizen, born and raised in California. I vote in every US election. I file my US taxes. I have family that lives in the US and we spend a lot of our time there. I am a citizen of Canada as well and I file Canadian taxes, vote in every election here. I love this country (both countries). My children and husband live here and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. But we need to be vigilant here as well. Extreme right-wing, isolationist, fascist movements are happening all over the world. We need to fight to keep democracy and decency alive and keep the freedoms that we have fought for.

Okay, rant over for now, and with that, on to my photos of the week.

granny stripe blanket
finishing another hat
finishing another hat – I like to use my pinkie ring as a marker.
moorland blanket
moorland blanket – growing
cold sunrise
cold sunrise – still so much snow everywhere!
dundarave pier
dundarave pier – early morning walk along the seawall.
cold birds
cold birds
cold hikers
cold hikers – Kasmira, Lily and me.  Giving my new pussyhat a trial run.
deep cove
deep cove – my favourite place
golden sunrise
golden sunrise – lion’s gate bridge



4 thoughts on “02/52 : 2017

  1. Kate, love your rant. Don’t stop 🙂 Thanks for worrying about our country when so many people don’t see anything wrong. Love that granny stripe blanket! Cheers to two weeks down. Looking forward to next week…

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