03/52 : 2017

The week of the March!

watching the hearings inspired me on to keep knitting the hats!

This week was all about knitting pussyhats and getting down to Seattle so we could participate on Saturday. It rained so hard during my drive down and we were prepared with our rain gear… even writing our slogans onto our pink umbrellas. But amazingly, the weather gods smiled on us and made it a gorgeous day.

We were part of 2 busses leaving from Edmonds, and all our donated hats were handed out. I loved seeing them being worn by women and men!


I’ve never been in a group of so many people. Everyone polite, respectful, inclusive.

It gives me hope.

And I also bought yarn.


I’ve started Block 1 in the Cascade Knitterati Afghan Knit-Along. It’s to celebrate Cascade Yarn’s 30th anniversary. Cascade is also matching pattern sales on Ravelry and donating to Haiti Babi, a non-profit in Haiti to train and employ struggling mothers. I’m so happy to help wherever I can, and if it involves knitting, then it’s a win-win!


Peace, Love and Persevere!

4 thoughts on “03/52 : 2017

  1. It was almost 60 degrees here Saturday for our Rally. We had a great turnout– Peoria,IL. I think our work had just begun. So inspiring to see so many participate

    • I’m glad to hear you had good weather. It was incredible to see the cities, countries around the world and all 7 continents participate. I’m inspired too by it all! I’m ready to march again!

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