04/52 – 2017

This was the week of getting outside and walking. I try and do my 10,000 steps a day, or close to it, and with all the snow that we’ve had this winter, I’ve been stuck inside on my treadmill. I’m very grateful that I do have that treadmill and a nice spot to walk and watch netflix, but I’ve been feeling a little house-bound lately.

So now the snow is mostly melted, the rains have held off this week and we’ve gotten out every day for a good fresh-air walk. Here are a few places we walked this week…

float homes
Mosquito Creek Marina float homes


burrard inlet
Vancouver in the distance, from Ravenswoods

burrard inlet

Welcome to West Vancouver
tree hugs
Walking to the library

There was some nice sunshine inside the house too. And knitting and baking.

living room
We ordered blinds this week so I won’t have to wear sunglasses to sit out here.
sock knitting
Financial meeting activity
huntleigh cowl
My Huntleigh Cowl, keeping my neck toasty and colourful
made a bundt
The lad is coming for dinner. must make a bundt.
miss lily
I joined Kasmira and Miss Lily for a walk today.

Rains are coming today so it’ll be back on the treadmill for me, but it sure felt good to get out and about and get a clear head.

A clear head about the horrible things happening under that horrible man, although it doesn’t take much to realize that what he is doing is WRONG. I did something this morning I’ve never done before, wrote my congressman, and I’ll be calling his office tomorrow. Each day brings another incredulous policy out of that chump, and this last one regarding the banning of refugees has really taken it over the top. The most vulnerable people and denying them safety. What kind of person does that? Where are the SANE people in government, Democrats and Republicans, to finally stop this man?

We need to get this person out of office. He’s dangerous and mentally unstable. This just doesn’t affect one country, this affects the entire world. Did you see the doomsday clock got moved the closest to midnight in 64 years? 2.5 minutes to midnight.

I’m not sure what good writing and calling will do, but it will make me feel like I’m doing something to stop this chump and his posse of immoral people.

5 thoughts on “04/52 – 2017

  1. I don’t understand anything that’s happening right now and how people who are supposedly intellectuals let these things happen. I don’t get any of it at all. 😦

  2. I just happened on your blog and I have to thank you for concern for us here in the US. We are struggling to try and save our country from this thug. We can use all the help we can get. If something isn’t done to remove him soon I will be packing up my wheels and knitting and moving to your beautiful Canada.

    • Thank you for your comment, Linda, and welcome! It’s a world-wide issue really and we have to be vigilant, even here in Canada, and not let this fascism take hold!

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