06/52 – 2017

Oh snow. Sigh. So beautiful, so cold, so hard to get around. Is there anything worse than another snowfall? That would be rain-sodden snow. Okay, it could be worse. The power could go out and I would lose the will to live. Fortunately our power has stayed on and the house is cozy. So no complaints about the weather from me! 😉




I’ve been stuck inside treading on the mill, but yesterday it stopped raining so we decided to go for a walk to the library. It was very dicy. The path was an icy, goopy mess, so I stuck to the the outside of the path and hoofed it through the snow. But I didn’t fall this time so that’s a win!



Activity Roundup:

Steps: 66,254

Stairs: 62 floors

Miles: 29.73

My view on the treadmill. Not so bad, but outside with fresh air is better!


No crafty projects were finished this week, but I’ve been wearing my Hygge Booties around the house and they really are delightful. I’m already thinking I need a pair in a brighter colour for Spring.

New blinds finally! I love the windows uncovered and unfettered, but in the winter the sun blast through those windows and you need sunglasses to sit out there! So we finally bit the bullet and ordered and installed these. I love how I can still see out but tilt the blinding sun out of my eyes.


I started back to flute lessons this week. I play regularly with a flute choir, but I seem to have lost my mojo with practicing, my technique is getting sloppier and it is time to get a kick-start again. I found a lovely young woman who guest conducted for us a few times and I think this will be just what I need! Practice, practice, practice now!

I tried a new recipe this week: Crockpot Macaroni and Cheese. Wow, love this!

Nevertheless, She Persisted! I love Elizabeth Warren and bravo to her for keeping up the fight! Meanwhile, the list of deplorable senators grows.

Comfort food, cozy kitty, yarn, home improvement, music and walking. My week. How was yours?


11 thoughts on “06/52 – 2017

  1. Your week sounds wonderful and there’s nothing left for me to say about your dedication to getting to the library. That is all kinds of amazing to me!!! My week was long, but the weekend was great. I got to relax, get some stuff done around the house, start my latest crafty projects, bake my first hand knead bread (I used to use a bread-maker) and a cranberry nut bread. I even made crock-pot black bean soup for lunch this week.

    • Your weekend sounds like it’s right up my alley! I gave away my bread-maker because I prefer to old-school it, and I think it tastes better too! Have a good week and enjoy the soup!

  2. Oh my goodness….so much snow! It was a balmy 80 degrees here yesterday. Our winters here in the Carolinas are very different than yours. I use to live way up north though so I am very familiar with dealing with lots of snow and cold. Thank you for the crock pot recipe. Looks so yummy and easy. I will definately be giving it a try! I’m about to watch your Prime Minister and “our poor excuse for a president” in a news conference. Would you care to trade leaders???

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