07/52 : 08/52 – 2017

Slight blip in posting here. But nothing a little mashup of the weeks won’t solve.

Despite a dusting of snow the other night/morning, it looks like Spring is on its way. Flowers, sunshine, new yarn… new yarn is a sign of spring, right?

The boy reminding me I need to get spinning again.
Snow on the mountains, ferry, blue skies in Edmonds
Still slipping and sliding on our walks through the woods.
Kate, Melissa, Julie, wearing our ponchos at Madrona Fibre Fest
New Yarn, Spinning Fibre and New Mug!
My favourite flower
Crocuses at P&G Gardens
Rainbow Tube Socks… done!
And a new pair started…

That’s about all I can get together for this week… too much I want to do besides my computer and editing photos! Have a good week!

2 thoughts on “07/52 : 08/52 – 2017

  1. Looks like spring is coming my way too and I’m not ready! I need one more snow!!! LOLOL! Crazy … yes I know.

    You sweet ladies in your ponchos remind me to finish my Boden from Nice and Knit. I’m such a flake, once I got past the colorwork excitement, I totally ditched the project in the stockinette stage. And those socks … I really should make some. Sounds like your Spring is coming in nicely! Have a wonderful week too.

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