12/52 : 2017

This will be a quick post. I have to get the house and myself sparkling for my sister’s visit this afternoon.


It’s Spring finally! It’s so nice to be able to go for a walk and not have to navigate slippery, icy paths. I’ll walk in the rain over icy paths any day!

I had an impulse cast-on the other day and knit a new beret in less than 24 hours. I was looking at socks on Ravelry and was reminded that I had bought the booklet from Tin Can Knits, Handmade in the UK. I decided to buy the booklet when I purchased my Bonny Blue pattern for last summer’s tank. I’m so glad I remembered I had this and immediately cast on for the Rosewater Beret in a skein of Berocco Vintage DK I had leftover from another project.

Blue is a really hard colour to photograph, I’ve decided. This is not the true colour…


This is more like it:

This is pre-blocked. I was too excited to wear it that afternoon.
FullSizeRender 49
This is post-blocked and it’s perfect!

I love it and wear it everywhere. Really!

I’m getting down to the last few inches of my ZickZack Scarf. It’s amazing. I will definitely be making another one of these and I think the key is to go wilder with the colours. Stay tuned.


We had a nice afternoon to go for a walk… but it was a bit too ambitious for me and I was exhausted by the time we got home. This view made it all worthwhile though.


It was about 9k in all, and all downhill going to the water and unfortunately all uphill coming back. My Fitbit says we walked up the equivalent of 55 stories. I had a dish of ice cream as my reward.

Okay, I’m off to get the house ready for the white-glove inspection and welcome my sister!


Have a good week!

7 thoughts on “12/52 : 2017

  1. Did you knit the scarf you are wearing in the photo where you modeled the hat pre-blocking? It’s lovely. If you made it, I’d love to know what pattern you used and what kind of yarn. Thank you.

    I also really like the hat and the zig-zag project you are working on.

    • Hi Jeanette… Thank you for your comment! The scarf is woven by my sister (and I swiped it from her lol). I don’t know what yarn she used but it has a sparkle thread that runs through it.

      • Thanks for your response. Since I don’t do weaving, I’ll have to find an equally pretty scarf that I can swipe from its owner (smile). Keep on making pretty things.

  2. Love the hat and the zig-zag scarf! I also think the scarf you’re wearing in the photo is really pretty. Sounds like quite the walk you went on. Spectacular views!! I like the whole ice cream reward idea too! 😉

  3. What a busy fun weekend! The hat is lovely – don’t you love quick projects! The zigzag looks amazing and I’m sure using bolder colors will put it right over the top!! 😀

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