14/52 : 2017

Well, I tried something and failed. I thought it would be handy to learn how to post from my phone since that is where the majority of my photos are and I’ll be travelling around a bit in the next few months and won’t have my computer with me.

I successfully wrote it, added photos, was adding links when I accidentally deleted everything. I tried to get it back but couldn’t find it even though there were numerous updates to the draft. Rats.

Anyway, moving on, another week another poncho!



This is Wrapped Up by Susanne Sommer and it’s a cleverly written pattern that starts as a triangle shawl, uses an i-cord border along the neck edge, joins to knit in the round and ends with an i-cord bind off.


The bind off is really very clever and I’m surprised more patterns don’t use this because it gives such a lovely bottom edge and has plenty of give to block. It does take a lot more yarn to do this bind off however, and I sadly lost at yarn chicken twice before getting it done.


The colours are kind of wild and wacky, but I can roll with that.

Peruvian Poncho.


The yarn is baby alpaca, Indiecita DK, that I purchased last year in Lima, Peru on our tour around South America on a big boat. Baby alpaca + garter stitch = soft squishiness that you never want to take off.

Except maybe when the warm weather finally appears. For that blessed day, I’ll have another one of Susanne Sommer’s patterns made, Summer Sorbet, in a light wool/cotton blend.


Other highlights this week: a 91st birthday party for Warren’s auntie. I made her a Rosewater Beret out of Cascade 200 Superwash in purple. It was a perfect colour as that’s what she was wearing already.

FullSizeRender 54

There was of course fluting this week with a lesson and practice with my friend for a recital in May. This weekend is our annual Flute Choir Workshop, so I’ll be busy with that. It’s always a lot of playing, trying out new music, listening to new music and catching up with old friends. And eating treats!


Happy knitting, happy music and happy treats to you!

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