15/52 : 2017

It was a reunion week! Well a reunion day. While we were cruising around South America last year, we met a number of knitters who would meet on sea days in one of the lounges. It was a fun way to pass a day at sea and we looked forward to meeting up with the ladies and passing the time knitting and crocheting, and oohing and aahing the yarn we would purchase in port.


Two of the ladies were coming over for a day’s visit this week, so my sister came up and the four of us had a day of visiting, yarn shopping and catching up. It was so wonderful seeing them again and I think we need to plan more meet-ups!

As Melissa and I left the house that morning to meet them, I said to my husband, “I won’t be buying any yarn today, just visiting and driving us around.” HAH!

FullSizeRender 58

My fluting weekend went very successfully and we came (via ferry), we walked around the harbour near our hotel, and then we spent a full day of playing, listening (you haven’t lived until you’ve heard a flute choir play Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody!), catching up with old friends, eating and then whoosh, back to the ferry and home. It took me the whole next day to recover…

And now it’s Easter weekend and I’m eating too many chocolate eggs and waiting for the rain to stop. I need a sunny day or two, I need to get the garden cleaned up, I need to get some sunshine on me.



Fortunately, yesterday after a heavy rain in the morning, the sun came out in the afternoon and we got our walk in.

Happy trails to you!

2 thoughts on “15/52 : 2017

  1. Linda

    Oh that sounds so fun! Husbands have to know we knitters can’t be held to promises of “not buying anymore yarn”. Right?! I mean that’s just the way it is and I love all your purchases. šŸ˜‰ You have some very pretty walking paths there. Love the scenery!


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