Catch up!

Oh dear, I’ve fallen behind. What can I say? Life gets busy… blog motivation lags… but my hands have been busy knitting, crocheting and fluting!

Work continues on my Sosu Mystery Shawl. I’m still on clue 3 and the last clue was released on Friday. So now I can see where it all goes. It’s different that’s for sure and I’m not sure how to wear it. I will get it finished, but not right now. It’s definitely a lot of warm squishy wool. Summer weather is here and since I won’t wear it until the Fall, it’s getting a brief time-out while I work on other more summery projects.




The first two yarns used is my hand-dyed fingering weight wool, Tigerlily and Gerbera. For my third colour, I chose a darker turquoise from Huckleberry Knits, BFL/nylon, “palaces out of paragraphs”. I had to look that up to see what it referred to and it’s from the Hamilton musical. I added a fourth colour as well. It is the same base as the first two, Peruvian Highland, in a soft green (Cypress). I’m adding the green in the long garter stripe section for a little pizzaz.

I’m happy I got to learn a new knitting technique, brioche, and some very interesting shaping. It’s going to be gorgeous, but it’s on hold for right now.

I think that rather than try and compress the last 3 weeks into a post, I’m going to leave it for now. I don’t want to overwhelm myself today. I’ll be back soon with an update on the summery project.


So with that, happy weekend!


3 thoughts on “Catch up!

  1. I say good on you for giving yourself a break, sometimes it is okay to step away. 🙂 Though must say it is rather to catch up with you as you always provide such beautiful inspiration. I have yet to try Brioche…but I am getting closer.

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