11/52 : 2017

Some weeks just meld into one day for me. I can’t remember specifics of anything, just dark, grey, rainy. But those kinds of weeks can be surprisingly productive inside the house. Socks were finished. Handspun was finished. Projects started and works in progress still progressing. Paper shuffling happened.

Finished and wound up:


Autumn Gold. 653 yards. I combined 4oz of Funky Carolina (my last, sadly) Falkland with an equal amount of fibre from Taylored Fibers in Washington. It is a blend of merino, alpaca and silk noils. Now the pattern search begins!

Finished and worn:


Diamond Rib Socks. My pattern, offered for free on Ravelry. Just click on “Free Patterns” tab at the top and the link will take you to the Ravelry pattern page.

Started and half-way there:

Peruvian Poncho. I’m kind of cringing at the colour combination as I’m going along, but that’s what I get for buying 7 skeins in different colours! I keep telling myself it will be a fun thing to wear and go with jeans and a white tee-shirt. Keep telling yourself, Kathleen.




I organized my music this week and weeded out things I’ll never play or that my kids will never play again. This prompted me to organize my paperwork in my office, put my printed patterns in a binder, put yarn away. It feels very good to get that done! I moved my fluting station to my office as well. This gives a little more room to move around the living room. I’m liking this set up for now.



This sweet daughter of ours had her birthday this week. We celebrated via FaceTime. Can’t wait to see her in the real-life this summer!




He’s always looking for a cozy lap to sit upon, especially if there is knitting in that lap. The more complicated the knitting, the more desirable the lap.


It’s not raining. Woohoo! I’m going to head out for a walk now and get some fresh air and vitD.

Have a good week!

10/52 : 2017


The week started with snow, added a bit more snow over the next few days and then turned to rain. The one “nice” day when I wanted to get out and get some fresh air and go for a walk, I turned into a giant sneeze machine and blew my nose all day till. It was exhausting. I guess the springtime allergens are starting or I don’t know. It was weird. I’m fine now.


I’ve been hard at work on my socks. I’m heading down the second foot (this photo was taken a few days ago before the blessed heel-turn). The end is in sight! This is the best part of knitting socks, beside the excitement of casting on. Almost there!

I’ve been sitting at my wheel for a few hours every day and it’s been so relaxing. I don’t know why I go for such long breaks in between spinning because I absolutely love the process of making yarn.


I may have started a new project this week too. That is one reason why I really want to get these socks finished, so I don’t have the guilt of eleventy-one projects going on at once. Not that that has ever stopped me from casting on something new.

This new one involves the baby alpaca I bought in Peru last year. I think it will be perfect for all the random colours I bought. I’ll have more to show and share next week.


And I finished Becky’s Brain Hat… finally! Oh my that was a slog, but I love how it came out. It’s very warm and cushy.


I used my hand dyed worsted for the hat and Knit Picks chroma for the brain. It’s pretty symmetrical at the front, the back not as much, but I think that will be just fine.

And finally, my favourite flowers. Tulips and Helebores. Even in the snow, the hellebores are hardy little flowers. Spring is coming!

09/52 : 2017


I guess there is a reason why Canada is called the Great White North. All I can say is, March better go out like a lamb.


I focused this week on using my big camera instead of relying only on my iPhone. It sure takes more time and effort to work with it. iPhones are so easy and portable, but nothing beats a good dslr for photography.

I also think I have an addiction to the Prisma app. It makes an ordinary photo so amazingly cool.


This week I dusted off my spinning wheel, moved it into my craft room and started spinning. Oh my, how addictive spinning is! And so calming and peaceful. The perfect remedy to what’s going on in the news. The real news. The unbelievably real news. Every day brings new outrageous news. He (can’t bring myself to type his name) really is unhinged and needs to be removed. I have said before that I will be happy when I see him taken away in handcuffs. Now I’m thinking a straight jacket will be nice. Bigly nice. The Most Beautiful. The Best. It will make America Great Again.

Back to spinning!!! To get me back in the groove, I’m spinning 4 ounces of my last bit of Funky Carolina’s fibre. It’s Falkland and spins so easy and smooth. I decided to mash it up with some fibre I got from Taylored Farms last year, it’s a blend of merino, alpaca and silk noils. I will ply them together and get (hopefully) a pretty autumnal blend.

set up, dusted, oiled and ready to spin!
mashup of fibres
fibre or cinnamon bun?

This week we went out to UBC, home of the above cinnamon bun, to listen to a talk by Robert Reich, former Labour Secretary under Clinton, worked in the administrations of Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter, interned for Robert Kennedy. He’s now an educator and author and absolutely wonderful to listen to speak about current events.


Another Prisma photo. Can’t stop myself!

It serves us to listen to reasoned, calm, informed voices instead of inflammatory baseless outbursts of the insane and unhinged president and his merry band of deplorables.

“Go spin, Kathleen.”


The rest of my week was taken up with treadmill walking since it was mostly raining here. I’ve been working on a few projects that are slogging along.

I’m having a lot of love for my ZickZack scarf. It’s about half way there and a great pick-me-up project. I’ll be sad when this one is done!

The Brain Hat is a project I’m really not enjoying and I just need to finish it! A long-time friend asked me to knit this for her for the March for Science and I agreed, not really thinking too much about the endless i-cord knitting and the sewing of the “brains” onto the hat. Bleah. It’s tedious.

“Just finish it, Kathleen.”



Flute practicing, reading, house cleaning rounds out the rest of the week. Same old routine.

Alright. I think it’s time to get back to my wheel now. Have a good week!