call it done

It’s been a 2-year project, one that was started with no clear idea of what I was making… scarf, shawl, blanket? I’m going to call it shanket… cross between a shawl and blanket. I suppose I could have gone with the old serape idea…


For now, it’s a nice colourful addition to my bed. And I’m calling it done.

Scrappy Linen Stitch Blanket using, not surprisingly, the linen stitch.

Size 4mm (6US) needles.

Yarn: Fingering weight yarn, leftover from years of socks.

Measures 30″ by 74″

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good morning, saturday


working on my test knit, ready to skein up a test yarn, drinking a french press latte, contemplating a piece of apple pie for breakfast… enjoying the quiet, except for the snoring cat.

How is your weekend starting?

25 Years

It’s been 25 years since we moved here to live in beautiful Canada.  We loaded the baby in the car and headed north from Southern California and didn’t look back.   I wouldn’t want it any other way…. we love it here.  Happy Birthday Canada!   You’ve been such a great place to live and raise our family.

I’ve had a very quiet day making labels for my yarn, finishing off a sock pattern give-away for the market booth, getting things packed up and ready to go.   It’s really warm and lovely today too and it feels so good taking an iced latte break on the patio and enjoying the summer flowers.

IMG_1528 IMG_1525