Yes, well that took a while! It's been a busy, hot, interesting summer so far. Lots of activity happening with the family, all good, many changes happening, but it's all good. The next few weeks look to be just as busy so I'm just popping in for a quick update. Melissa and I had 3 … Continue reading hi!


When we signed up for this trip over a year ago, we were drawn to it by the itinerary that went to Hong Kong, Kaiping, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore, and the involvement of Dr. Henry Yu. As I said in the last post, Henry and Warren had worked together a few years ago on … Continue reading connecting

Okay, let’s throw this one back

To when we were definitely style setters! When we took ballet class together, back in the day, our instructor, Tony, dubbed us the Dolly Sisters. And that name has stuck with us since. We try to live up to their style. Melissa came up for a few days this week so we could talk to … Continue reading Okay, let’s throw this one back

one for the girl

with a touch of green for luck. Cascade Heritage Silk Paints in Teal Mix for the warp, hand dyed merino wool lace for the weft.  10.5" by 65" with 4" fringe. Details in Ravelry.