05/52 – 2017

Another crazy week. We had glorious sunny weather, we had snow. The news continues to make me sick, but I love hearing all the good work that people are doing to fight for what is right. Knitting and crocheting keeps me sane, as well as walking. I wear a Fitbit and I love keeping track … Continue reading 05/52 – 2017

Puget Sound LYS Tour

Last week I went down to my sister's in Washington for the Puget Sound LYS 2016 Tour. Five days and 28 shops were participating. We made it to 6 and spent 3 days volunteering at our favourite shop, All Wound Up. It was so fun to meet so many knitters and crocheters and I'm amazed … Continue reading Puget Sound LYS Tour

South America!!

For almost two years, my sister and I would talk about this trip we were planning, practically shouting South America!!! each time we said it. I mean, it's pretty epic. 31 days, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Falkland Islands, sailing around Cape Horn, Ushuaia: the southernmost city in the world, Chile, Peru, Central America, Cabo and then … Continue reading South America!!

there and back again

After almost 2 years in planning, our month-long trip to South America is done and I'm back home trying to get back in the swing of things. The weather is SPRING!! The cat is kind of irritated at me. The house needs a good clean. My photos need editing... etc etc... And I need to … Continue reading there and back again

me projects

It was such a gorgeous day to get out and go for a long walk yesterday along the seawall in West Vancouver. It's the kind of day that makes me love walking, love this city and love the sunshine (with a little bit of fog mixed in). I'm caught up on projects for Room6 right … Continue reading me projects