South America!!

For almost two years, my sister and I would talk about this trip we were planning, practically shouting South America!!! each time we said it. I mean, it's pretty epic. 31 days, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Falkland Islands, sailing around Cape Horn, Ushuaia: the southernmost city in the world, Chile, Peru, Central America, Cabo and then … Continue reading South America!!

thailand, singapore, shanghai

I guess it's time to wrap up the trip! I finally finished editing my photos and uploaded them to flickr, made a slideshow to show the family and now I feel like I can move on. Except I need to finish here. Thailand: Not everything will go as planned when you have a trip of … Continue reading thailand, singapore, shanghai

beautiful vietnam

I'd have to say that this country was number one on my list to visit. And it did not disappoint. I would have loved to spend more time here and hope to do so one day. The people were wonderful, the food was so, so delicious, the countryside and rice paddies were lush and the … Continue reading beautiful vietnam


When we signed up for this trip over a year ago, we were drawn to it by the itinerary that went to Hong Kong, Kaiping, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore, and the involvement of Dr. Henry Yu. As I said in the last post, Henry and Warren had worked together a few years ago on … Continue reading connecting

home again!

We got home last week and I'm still trying to get my body back to the pacific time zone. I'm sleeping a lot, napping a lot and my cat is very happy about that since he likes it when I lay around. We have a lot of catching up to do, he and I! I … Continue reading home again!