call it done

It's been a 2-year project, one that was started with no clear idea of what I was making... scarf, shawl, blanket? I'm going to call it shanket... cross between a shawl and blanket. I suppose I could have gone with the old serape idea... For now, it's a nice colourful addition to my bed. And … Continue reading call it done

ripple, baby!

Something soft, something small, and something colourful of course!  A new baby in the extended family means baby crafts!  I knew I only had a short while to whip something up and so I went to my stash and found the Deramore's Stylecraft Special DK that I have been hoarding, picked out some colours that … Continue reading ripple, baby!

wip wednesday

It's been a long time since I've done an update on other projects besides those for our Etsy shop.  I picked up the Linen Stitch Blanket again after ignoring it for over six months.  I've added about 6 inches to it, so now it's a nice 34" long by 56" wide.  I'm thinking maybe a 40" … Continue reading wip wednesday


Wow!  I made it!  This once a week posting worked out pretty good for me, but now what? I have a few ideas.  I could continue this.  I could do a photo-a-day project.  Instagram and iPhones have changed how I take photos and I really need to get back to my canon.  So maybe that's … Continue reading 52/52

wip wednesday – blanket update and a lucy bag

The blanket is now 28" and still growing.  No, still not tired of working on it! It's getting kind of warm to work on with the hotter weather, hence I started a Lucy Bag with some Berroco yarn hanging around.  I'd like to make it a drawstring and use it for my bike's basket to hold … Continue reading wip wednesday – blanket update and a lucy bag