project :: all wound up

Early this summer, I was happy and delighted to be asked to knit some samples for my favourite yarn shop All Wound Up. I joke that's my local LYS even though it's in another country. I had to keep these projects under wraps until the Christmas showcase that happened last weekend, and so now I'm … Continue reading project :: all wound up

call it done

It's been a 2-year project, one that was started with no clear idea of what I was making... scarf, shawl, blanket? I'm going to call it shanket... cross between a shawl and blanket. I suppose I could have gone with the old serape idea... For now, it's a nice colourful addition to my bed. And … Continue reading call it done

ripple, baby!

Something soft, something small, and something colourful of course!  A new baby in the extended family means baby crafts!  I knew I only had a short while to whip something up and so I went to my stash and found the Deramore's Stylecraft Special DK that I have been hoarding, picked out some colours that … Continue reading ripple, baby!

wip wednesday

It's been a long time since I've done an update on other projects besides those for our Etsy shop.  I picked up the Linen Stitch Blanket again after ignoring it for over six months.  I've added about 6 inches to it, so now it's a nice 34" long by 56" wide.  I'm thinking maybe a 40" … Continue reading wip wednesday


Wow!  I made it!  This once a week posting worked out pretty good for me, but now what? I have a few ideas.  I could continue this.  I could do a photo-a-day project.  Instagram and iPhones have changed how I take photos and I really need to get back to my canon.  So maybe that's … Continue reading 52/52