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I’ve lost track of my weeks for my 52week project šŸ˜¦ and rather than try and figure out if we’re at week 20something, I’m just going to post a few random things.

I finished a sweater for summer. It’s Serge by Berroco, a free crochet pattern. I didn’t use the yarn specified and instead used Cascade Roslyn, a light dk that is a blend of wool and silk, in Grape.


Crocheting is a bit more challenging for me and there are some imperfect areas, but overall I’m happy with it and the size. I wanted it cropped, but lengthened it a couple of inches since I’m tall and long waisted. I was afraid the sleeves were going to be too tight in the underarm area, but actually it’s just right. Since it’s a summery garment, I’ll be wearing it with sleeveless shells most likely, so there isn’t any added fabric bulk.Ā Ravelry Link.

I’ve decided to make my Instagram account private again. There are just too many weirdos and strange accounts trying to follow me. Yuck.

I’m drinking an ice latte this afternoon. That means the sun is shining and it’s warm. Hallelujah!

I finally got to wear my Summer Sorbet for a family wedding last weekend. It was a perfect light poncho to drape over my sleeveless dress. I think I’ve got a couple of good summery knits to wear now. I still love my Bonnie BlueĀ and plan to wear it this summer as well.

Lucky for us, our summers usually aren’t too hot, so it’s always good to have a few wooly things on hand.



On The Hook

Is it Wednesday already? I guess I need to set a schedule out with alarms and alerts to remind myself. It may take awhile to get back in the groove of regular posting.

This week I started my Moorland Blanket, a pattern and crochet-along being offered by Lucy at Attic24.

As soon as I saw her initial post on this project, I was enamoured with the colours and the stitch pattern used, and I ordered the yarn pack through Wool Warehouse in the UK. 15 skeins of yarn.


I did a small sample to get the right hook size and settled with a 3.75mm, which is the same size I’m using for my Granny Stripe Blanket.

I decided to make mine a bit narrower… it will be 42″ instead of 48″ and I started with an initial chain of 161 stitches instead of 181.


I’m enjoying getting into the groove of this pattern and watching the colours progress. I’m in the greens, which frankly I haven’t seen a lot of around here lately. It’s refreshing to see so much green!

The PussyHat Project. I’ve completed 7, including one for me out of handspun and some of my hand dyed fingering weight doubled. I stopped by the yarn shop yesterday and bought a few skeins of discounted bulky pink yarn and have another one going. I’ll keep knitting these until we march!


I’m still working on my Feelin’ Groovy socks. As boring as the process is, I do love the crazy striping of the yarn and that it is a super easy project to throw in my purse and knit when I have a few moments to spare. So it is nice to have something like this on the go. And I can see that there is progress being made.


I didn’t work on my Granny StripeĀ blanket this week, but I did get it out and into my view. It’s currently 42″ wide and 32″ long. So I have quite a bit still to go on it and I love the bright cheerful colours of this.


Finished: My Tea Cozy Poncho! I was only a couple of rows from the end and I’ve already worn it to a recital on the weekend. I need to get a photo of me wearing it, but here is Josephine..


What are you working on this week?

Off The Hook

I’m certainly not off the hook for writing blog posts, but I am for my new crocheted shawl.


I decided on a whim to join the crochet-along that All Wound Up hosted this summer. Nona had a lovely sample made from the soft Herriot Fine from Jupiter Moon Farms. It’s a 75/25 blend of alpaca and nylon in a light fingering weight. And it is so soft! So I decided to use the same yarn in these two colours: Lakeville and Travertine.


This Tunisian Crochet is a new-to-me technique. The pattern, by Aoibhe Ni, is complicated, challenging and a delight to do… once I watched theĀ youtube tutorials by Aoibhe Ni and Nona from AWU.


I would definitely make this again, now that I’ve got it figured out, and would make the edge chains much looser. Mine tends to pull a bit.

I omitted the cnupps in the last row of fans and I don’t think it takes away from the beauty of the shawl.


The weather has turned cooler and our furnace has already kicked in, so this is finished just in time to keep me warm and cozy this fall and winter. And with its finished size of 82″ by 25″, there will be plenty of warm alpaca to do the job.

Ravelry details.

the huntleigh cowl

My first attempt at writing a crochet pattern and I’m hooked. heh. I’ve always loved crocheting and I like to have a long-term project in the works, usually a blanket, while I spend most ofĀ my craft time knitting.


When we were at the market at the beginning of this month, we talked to a number of crocheters asking about our yarn and patterns and it suddenly occurred to us that it would be nice to have a pattern to go with one of our yarns.


We decidedĀ to the pair the new patternĀ with our DK weight. It’s a superwash merino and so incredibly soft to wear.


I looked at different crochet stitches and found this one that I really liked. What drew me to it isĀ that it has lots of texture, is a simple 2-row pattern,Ā and suited the style I was looking to make.

This is so simple. It’s a rectangle. No shaping needed. It worked out perfectly with 100 grams (230 yards) of DK weight. It would also work in worsted and I’m going to try it in bulky later today.

Since this is my first attempt at a crochet pattern, I’m offering it free on Ravelry and we will have it printed up for the market on July 30th to pair with our DK-weight yarn.

The Huntleigh Cowl

1 skein of DK-weight yarn (100 grams/230 yard)

1 hook, size 4.5mm

Happy crocheting!


me projects

It was such a gorgeous day to get out and go for a long walk yesterday along the seawall in West Vancouver. It’s the kind of day that makes me love walking, love this city and love the sunshine (with a little bit of fog mixed in).

I’m caught up on projects for Room6 right now, and the summer market season is a good 5-6 months away (tons of time!!!) so I’m making fun stuff… for me šŸ™‚


I finished a cowl made from Malabrigo Rasta, a super bulky merino wool yarn purchased from All Wound Up in Edmonds, WA. One skein to make the Rainbow Twist Cowl, a free pattern on Ravelry. It was so quick to make… almost too quick! I’ve always been a process knitterĀ and this cowl is easily done in an evening. So yeah, I may have ripped it all out just to knit it again šŸ˜‰

Very soft, very chunky and warm and very wonderful!

Ravelry Link.


Cowl numero 2, using my Deep Cove Cowl recipe. I’m making it smaller, cast on 128 stitches instead of 144. The yarn is Punta Yarns Merisoft Handpaint in Cobalt from Urban Yarns in Edgemont Village. It’s lovely and soft. I don’t have anything like this in this colour, so it is essential… right?

Ravelry Link.

I love crocheting and I haven’t done much of it lately. With all the knitting I’ve been doing, my hands have been gettingĀ cramped and sore, so this is such a nice change of pace to crochet. My hands thank me. And everyone else will thank me when they get to snuggle under a new blanket.


This is the Granny Stripe by Attic24. I made one of these in 2010 for my girls’ apartment when they were in university. It’s now living in Toronto with my oldest daughter, keeping her warm through the Ontario winter. I always meant to make one for me and it’s taken about 6 years to get to it. My time has come! The yarn is Stylecraft Special DK thatĀ I bought a few years ago, the Lucy Pack, from Deramores in the UK.

My modificationsĀ simple.Ā I’m making this a 1-row stripe rather than 2-row stripes called for in the pattern. I love the colourful striping the 1-row pattern does. I’m going to have a heck of a lot of ends to weave in though. I’ll worry about that another day.

Ravelry Link.

So that’s what’s been going on around here. Lots of fun projects. Lots of walking outside when the rains let up.


I hope your week includes some fun projects too!