Deep Cove Cowl

A new pattern! Named after one of the most beautiful spots anywhere, Deep Cove, the new cowl is a quick and simple project that when finished will give you a warm wrap around the neck that will keep away drafts, stay in place and not fall off (one of my pet peeves about wearing scarves).

Very similar to my Squishy Ribbed Cowl, the Deep Cove Cowl has an added twist and slipped stitches. The twist takes it one step beyond the mobius.. it’s a full twist on the needles versus a half-twist. Having the twist makes it always fall nicely around your neck, no matter which way you plop it over your head. And because the circumference is not big but more compact, it doesn’t have the awkward “knot” look that the full twist has when knit longer.

And one more photo of me and my crazy eyes wearing it…

dc cowl2

We will be selling the pattern along with the yarn (kettle-dyed worsted superwash merino) at the Craft Bazaar next weekend, on the 15th (info in the sidebar) and at Room6 starting the following weekend (Nov 22… more details to come).

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  • The finished measurements are 24″ in circumference and 9″ high.
  • You will need approximately 200 to 240 yards of worsted weight yarn, size 5US needles and a 24″ circular needle.
  • Pattern is $2 and in PDF form.
  • Pattern Link via Ravelry.

ready, set…

And we’re off! We have Etsy open again, yay! Like our market booth, we’ve scaled back what we are offering for sale, choosing to focus on hand dyed yarn, handspun yarn, kits, patterns and a few woven shawls. Both Melissa and I love dyeing yarns and spinning, so that is what we will have!

We will be slowly adding items to Etsy this week. Nothing is as easy as it would first appear… a motto that my husband has muttered for many, many years and it is true. It took us a couple of hours on Monday to get where it is now. We had our computers out, our iPads on FaceTime and worked away.

Besides the yarn and kits, we are offering a couple of patterns for sale. The first one listed on Etsy is the Ripple Wave Fingerless Mitts.

ripplewave mitts3

I sold many of the kits at the market and have only 3 left, and those are listed in the shop. I’ve been busy dyeing up yarn the last few days and will have them ready to list in the shop later next week as well. Also, I have the pattern for sale, via PDF file, for anyone who would like to knit it using their own yarn, and that is available on Ravelry and Etsy.

Here are the Ripple Wave Fingerless Mitts, as modelled by my daughter, the Lovely Sarah, hand model extraordinaire!

ripplewave mitts1 ripplewave mitts2

The pattern starts with ribbing and the Ripple Wave pattern low enough on the wrist that it will not peek out from under your coat sleeves.  The thumb is worked with a gusset and then the top of the mitt has a fold-down cuff in ribbing.  I find when I go out for a walk and it’s chilly, and yet I want to be able to take a photo with my phone or text or something requiring the use of those digits, it’s nice to fold down the cuff.  Or to keep the fingers warm, unfold it and they stay snug.

The gentle ripple wave pattern shows off the colour changes of variegated yarn, and the kettle-dyed tonal yarns give just a hint of colour variation.  Here is the latest I’ve dyed up in the last few days.


Oh boy, I’ve got a lot of skeining and winding to do!

quick recap

Wow.  I mean, WOW!  What a weekend we had!  Missy and I had our second market booth at the Edmonds Summer Market and we had a blast.  I think our location was better, or the cooler rainy weather brought out all the yarn lovers!  We had so much fun meeting up with old friends, new friends, people who weren’t sure about us, chatting with the Mustard Man next to us, the Garden Box man on the other side…  It was exhausting and more fun than I’ve had in a long time.


market booth

market booth

It’s taking a few days to decompress, assess what we sold, what we learned, what we made mistakes on… I think because this wasn’t our first time, we were more relaxed and were able to enjoy it more.  I think because we edited a lot of things out, (sort of the 15-page menu versus the 2-page menu theory, or Less is More), it was more clear and easy to interpret who we are and what we do. It seems all kind of wrong to leave things home in boxes, but then we were able to focus on what we’re really passionate about right now.

Also, layout. Before we had a U-shape and we had the hardest time getting people to come IN to our booth. Maybe they thought if they were in, they’d be trapped! This time we were the ones trapped in the middle and we had the tables around the perimeter. Quick and easy escape if needed for them…. for us we had to jump over a stool to our friend, the Mustard Man, and scoot out between our booths. Much better. Melissa’s gorgeous quilts that served as our table cloths also, I’m sure, drew people over.

So today I’m up to my eyeballs in dye, replenishing the kit yarn for our Mitt Kits. I joked with Missy before Saturday that I hope we’re not sitting over coffee on Sunday morning saying, “Geez, I really thought those kits would have sold”. They sold. I can’t wait to see how everybody’s come out, so we’ll be scoping out photos of them and hopefully getting some feedback.

Now that I’m home, I’m trying to get organized. We hope to get our Etsy shop up this afternoon, or tomorrow by the latest.

The view of Puget Sound on the train coming home was spectacular. A very fitting end to the weekend!

puget sound

work is in progress

As the countdown to our market booth is fast approaching (July 5, Edmonds Summer Market), I’ve been spending my days making sure every bit of fibre I have is dyed, spun, woven… whatever it takes!  The latest batch is handspun that I dyed.  They are each 100grams of Peruvian Wool Top and spun mostly to a worsted weight, with a few DK weights thrown in.


handspun collage1

Top:  Emerald Rose, 196 yds, 10wpi/worsted

Middle:  Sea to Sky, 181 yds, 9wpi/worsted

Bottom:  Tropical, 171 yds, 10wpi/worsted


handspun collage2

Top:  Citrus, 185 yds, 12wpi/DK

Middle:  Poppy Field, 220 yds, 10wpi/worsted

Bottom:  Cobbler, 215 yds, 12wpi/DK


One of the joys of crafting is having different things to focus on.  Sometimes all I want to do is weave and do that exclusively for weeks.  Then it’s over to the wheel and spinning, which is where I’ve been the last week or so.  Sometimes it’s a combo of both.

Now that the spinning has all been spun, I’m going to knit up some samples using a superwash merino fingering weight that I dyed in a two-tone, hopefully striping, colourway.

sky blue violet

Details of the handspun is on my Ravelry site.  Off to find my needles….


I’ve been tweaking my blog to include a tab for patterns.  These are simple patterns and nothing complicated or earth-shattering.  But I want to share them and they’re free!

I wanted to knit a sample pair of socks using the yarn I’ve been dyeing up to sell at our summer market booth.  I wanted to make sure that it knit up well, was soft and smooshy (very important) or I wouldn’t want to sell it.   But they knit up really well, soft and smooshy, and here they are…


This is a pattern that I made up a few years ago when I was trying to make a unique pair of socks for my husband.  He’s my bestest sock wearer… he’ll wear them year-round.  I like ribbed patterns because they seem to fit well but I wanted to do something with a little more zip and texture than the usual knit / purl ribs.  I’m calling these Diamond Rib Socks (when stretched out the pattern looks like diamonds) and I’ve written up the pattern and posted it here.  I’ll also be including the pattern with the yarn I’ll be selling.

And here are the skeins…  yep, I love colour!

elf peruvian fingering collage

I’ve also included a pattern for the Squishy Ribbed Cowl that I came up with which I knit using 1 skein of Knitpicks Chroma Worsted.


squishy ribbed cowl collage

This is also under the “patterns” tab and is here.

I still have more dyeing to do and since it’s a rainy day here, it’s perfect day to get the dye pots fired up!  Have a good weekend 🙂