13/52 : 2017

I'm happy and I'm sad to report that I finished my ZickZack. Happy because now I can wear it and it's fabulous... sad because it's finished and I miss knitting the two different coloured balls together and seeing new colour combinations appear. It was like magic. On the advice of my sister, who came up … Continue reading 13/52 : 2017

05/52 – 2017

Another crazy week. We had glorious sunny weather, we had snow. The news continues to make me sick, but I love hearing all the good work that people are doing to fight for what is right. Knitting and crocheting keeps me sane, as well as walking. I wear a Fitbit and I love keeping track … Continue reading 05/52 – 2017

Vintage Needles

A number of years ago, my friend Nancy gave me her mother's needle collection... mainly straight needles and a few dpns. I keep them in a jar in my craft room, but hardly ever use straight needles. I love my circulars for most projects. But when I started this project, the ZickZack Scarf, it seemed … Continue reading Vintage Needles

On The Hook

Is it Wednesday already? I guess I need to set a schedule out with alarms and alerts to remind myself. It may take awhile to get back in the groove of regular posting. This week I started my Moorland Blanket, a pattern and crochet-along being offered by Lucy at Attic24. As soon as I saw … Continue reading On The Hook

a winter’s day

In a deep and dark December. I had to get out for a walk today. The sun is shining and although it's -4C, it was too pretty to stay inside. We walked our usual path over to the library to warm up, then we went on up to the Northlands Golf Course for a good … Continue reading a winter’s day