hip to be square

As I write this, the quilt is in the washing machine, being gently washed and then to be put into the dryer, and hopefully when I take it out, it won’t be a mass of unraveled fabric pieces and a wad of thread.  Says a lot for my sewing confidence, eh?

There is a new shop in town, Plum Project Studio, a fabric/yarn shop/rent-able studio space  that is in my neck of the woods and has an owner who is so friendly and nice and helpful, that I knew I wanted to take a class from her.  And why not quilting?  This is my first real quilt. ( I previously made a pillow from a tedious pattern that I had to blow up in my printer, bleah!!)

The quilt is all made from fabric strips, sewn together, mitered, sewn together again, and edged.  I’m not totally happy with my sewing abilities in the edging.   The centre square is a bit of a wonk-fest.  Because it’s all mitered together, it was darn hard to get that square squared-up.  In retrospect and with consultation with Janice (the quilting teacher) I should have had the center be a large white square and I think it wouldn’t have shown up as wonky.  Most of my miters meet up, some are a bit off.   I’ve decided, just here and now, that I’m embracing the wonkiness as a design choice.  hah!

But…I’m loving the square design and the colours.  I picked bolts that she had in her store, pieced them together in a colour combination that I liked, brought it home and saw that it was perfect for the living room.  In fact, the painting of  my mom’s that was sitting next to it was uncannily the exact same colours.  Whoa.  Funny how my subconscious brain does a much better getting the job done than my conscious brain.

Anyway, the fabrics are all organic cotton canvas.  It is weighty and has heft.  The backing is just an off-white cotton, lighter weight than the quilt top.  It’s all machine pieced and quilted.  The pre-wash size is 47.5″ square.

And I love it, love it, love it…well, until it comes out of the washer/dryer….

…..and….miracle of miracles, it’s all in one piece!  It shrunk to a 43″ square.  Thanks be to the goddess of crafting, it didn’t bleed, although I did do a test wash on that, but you never know, eh?

But the end product is perfectly puckery and in one piece.

Diamonds are good too!