weaving handspun

So… good news and bad news.  The good is that I was able to spin the handspun, Mountain Redux by Travelling Rhinos, and weave with it.  The bad news is that the yarn I used for the warp, unnoticed when I warped the loom, had a couple of weak spots.  One of them snapped, fortunately on the outside edge and early on, but two or three weak spots are in there and I’m not sure of their strength holding up in the long run.  So good news for me, I’m keeping it.

The fibre is unfortunately a mystery fibre… I seem to have a lot of those 😦 but it’s some sort of wool and it spun and plied really well into a soft worsted weight.  And yes, the warp yarn is also a mystery.  It’s a fingering weight sock yarn that I bought years ago and had already wound into a ball and therefore lost its label.  But the colours came together so perfectly.


I tried to get a photo of the actual me wearing the shawl, but you know how that goes.  Time is short and I don’t have the patience to try shot after shot to get one where I’m a) in focus and b) don’t look 150 years old and depressed 🙂

It’s 12″ by 60″ with 4″ fringe and as one would guess with handspun, it’s incredibly soft.

The other woven shawl is made with the more reliable Crazy Zauberball and Madeline Tosh Lace.  The colourways are Herbstwind and Enigma.  It is 11″ by 63″ with 4″ fringe and will be for sale at our market booth, and then Etsy if it doesn’t sell there.

I’ve also been very busy dyeing yarn to sell at the market.  I’ve got a colourful selection of lace weight and fingering weight yarns that I’ve dyed and skeined.  My next project is to photograph all the different yarns and colourways, so that will take a bit of time!  I’ve got them stored in a nice big box but every now and then I need to open the box and stare at them and touch them and admire them.  I love love colour!



cypress trail and amethyst sunset

Two new shawl/scarves to add to the shop!  First is a shawl woven with one of my favourites, Zauberball.  I love the long colour striping it makes for the warp and paired with a lace, in this instance a Madeline Tosh lace, it makes for a light weight wool shawl.  It reminds me of our hiking trails here in Vancouver, so hence it is named Cypress Trail.

IMG_6516IMG_6511IMG_6510IMG_6517Ravelry details.

Next is a scarf I wove that is from hand-dyed, hand-spun yarn, a mix of merino wool and silk.  Yum.  I dyed it so that I could spin it in a long colour change and was so happy it achieved the effect I was going for.


The warp yarn is a fingering weight, Spud & Chloe, that I over-dyed in the same amethyst as the handspun.  The whole thing soft and squishy.

IMG_6523 IMG_6529 IMG_6502Ravelry details.

We had a good but busy weekend and very little crafting going on, but we did get a good hike in on Saturday for the Mister’s birthday and then I spent all day Sunday at a flute choir workshop, where we had approximately 35 people from two countries playing our little hearts out all day.  It was fun and exhausting!  Today I’m recovering and mentally plotting the next shawl.  It may definitely will involve more zauberball and lace.  I don’t think I’ll rest until I’ve woven from all the colourways!

Have a good week!

quarry rock

at the top of quarry rock, deep cove
at the top of quarry rock, deep cove

amazon emerald woven shawl

I’ve always been a process knitter/crafter.  I love the process.  I love to make.  Sure, I love the finished product… most of the time.  But I’ve also knit things only to completely rip them out after they were finished and make something new with the yarn.  So to take the weaving process back to the basics, short of having sheep, I’m experiencing the joys of creating on a whole new level.  Dye, spin, weave…  I could do this all day, every day.  Oh wait, I do!

I started with some bare roving, a lovely merino and silk blend.  It shimmers… spun or unspun!  I first dyed it using aqua and amethyst, but I left too much white… more than I wanted.  So I overdyed it with amazon green and it achieved this lovely saturated colour.  I then spun it, making 247 yards.  This was my weft.  I also dyed some super wash merino fingering weight yarn with emerald green and that became my warp.

ae fibre collage

And created this:





This softness of this is incredible.  All that soft merino wool and silk makes for one very smooshy shawl.

It’s 12.5 ” by 63″ with 5″ twisted fringe.  Details on Ravelry and it will be eventually listed in our Etsy shop.

Lucky for me, I get to do lots more as my shipment of yarn and roving came in the mail this morning!  Yippee!