weaving handspun

So... good news and bad news.  The good is that I was able to spin the handspun, Mountain Redux by Travelling Rhinos, and weave with it.  The bad news is that the yarn I used for the warp, unnoticed when I warped the loom, had a couple of weak spots.  One of them snapped, fortunately … Continue reading weaving handspun

cypress trail and amethyst sunset

Two new shawl/scarves to add to the shop!  First is a shawl woven with one of my favourites, Zauberball.  I love the long colour striping it makes for the warp and paired with a lace, in this instance a Madeline Tosh lace, it makes for a light weight wool shawl.  It reminds me of our … Continue reading cypress trail and amethyst sunset

amazon emerald woven shawl

I've always been a process knitter/crafter.  I love the process.  I love to make.  Sure, I love the finished product... most of the time.  But I've also knit things only to completely rip them out after they were finished and make something new with the yarn.  So to take the weaving process back to the … Continue reading amazon emerald woven shawl

shawl updates

I've finished two more shawls.  It's funny how addicting something like this becomes.  I'm working on one and mentally planning the next one, and then the next one.  I love seeing how two different yarns come together in a warp and weft situation.  Sometimes not at all what I envisioned.  Sometimes I think "oh, no … Continue reading shawl updates

weaving and a shop update

I finished off another woven shawl, one I named Jelly Beans because I was weaving it on Easter and I was craving jelly beans and the warp yarn is the colour of jelly beans, and it was making me crazy.   It's 12" by 64" and made of soft bamboo, merino wool and silk.  Ravelry … Continue reading weaving and a shop update