weaving wednesday

It really is hard to come up with a post title that's somewhat clever and unique, especially when most of my posts involve the same thing: woven scarves and shawls for our Etsy shop. I had two more commissions, both by my dear family members.  Daughter Robin requested one be made for a girlfriend's birthday … Continue reading weaving wednesday

daffodils and shawls

This latest shawl is a commission by my sister-in-law.  I think it's safe to post here as I'm sure her mom does not do the internet thing or know about my blog!  I worked with Carol to pick the best colours for her mom and I'm in love the happy spring colours! The yarn is … Continue reading daffodils and shawls

three more

I have three more of my squishy cowls to add to the three I made before.  I love making these.  I "stole" the poppy one from our shop to wear myself.  heh. Speaking of our shop, we're so excited that we have 2 dates for the Edmonds Summer Market: July 5th and August 30th.  So … Continue reading three more

olive this shawl!

Usually when I have a new shawl/scarf off the loom, I think it's my favourite.  I know for a fact this one is.  The combination of the warp and weft yarns were perfect.  The drape is so lovely I can't take my hands off it.  But I'm saving it for the shop/market booth.  Good news … Continue reading olive this shawl!

welcome spring!

I've been busy with the loom again this week.  Inspired by sunshine and flowers peeking through, I found the springiest colours I could find. The handspun is something I spun up two years ago and has been patiently sitting in my stash drawer, a soft wool.  The warp is a yarn I picked up at … Continue reading welcome spring!