17/52 : 2017

Wow, we’ve made it to the end of April and I have two new projects off the needles!


The first is my Summer Sorbet poncho by Susanne Sommer. This is similar to my Peruvian Wrapped Up poncho (same designer) where the piece begins as a triangle shawl with an i-cord border and then joins to work in the round. This one has sections with different stitches: garter stitch, slip-stitch colour work, short rows, eyelets…

The yarn is Holst Garn Coast, a Danish made merino wool/cotton blend. It’s so very light and will be perfect for the warm weather (waiting waiting for you warm weather!!) 


How light you ask? It’s 50 grams and 383 yards.


This wool is only sold in one shop in Canada and lucky for me, it’s here in Vancouver: Wet Coast Wools. Lots of colours to choose from and 3 different blends: wool, wool/cotton and wool/silk. I plan to try all of them!

Their website also ships internationally: Holstgarn.dk

My modification was to make it a bit shorter than the pattern calls for. I eliminated the last couple of sections and shortened the last slip-stitch colour work section.

I plan to wear it over a navy blue sleeveless dress to my nephew’s wedding in June.  I’m so happy it’s done and ready to go dancing!

My other project is my Azufral, a small shoulder-hugging cowl by Berocco and knit in their Mykonos, a shiny linen/flax/cotton/nylon blend. I’m hopeful it will work but I’m not sure and it’s still blocking. I’ll get photos of it when it’s dry. It does remind me of chain-mail… my armour!


I was thinking I might wear it for my recital next weekend, but not sure if it will stay in place while fluting. Test runs will happen this week.

My youngest set off for the east coast again, this time to work on his master’s degree in Architecture. It’s going to be a long haul for him and lots of good work and interesting designing and I already miss him like crazy. Thank goodness for FaceTime, texting and Instagram. sigh… maybe he’ll finally design me my hobbit house with lots of cubbies for yarn.


I started another ZickZack project! I really did love making my last one, the ponchette, and thought a skinnier scarf would be nice to have as well.

FullSizeRender 59

This is knit with 1 ball of Crazy Zauberball in ‘Blasser Shimmer’ and 2 balls of Crystal Palace Yarns’ Sausalito in Mediterranean. Blues, greens, purple, pink. Right up my colour alley!

So that’s my week and I’ve got a big one coming up. A big birthday, yikes, a recital, dinners out with friends… and of course more knitting!


16/52 : 2017

I have very little blogging mojo this week. I have a few photos that I’ll post and say, “have a good week!”

my love of tulips will never wane.
some days it’s a game of hide and seek to see where he’s taking his day’s nap.
the camellia season has begun!
a new project. details on Ravelry.
finally able to open the windows and get some fresh air.
mom and us girls
thinking of my mom. april 23rd was her birthday and she is missed every single day. xoxo

15/52 : 2017

It was a reunion week! Well a reunion day. While we were cruising around South America last year, we met a number of knitters who would meet on sea days in one of the lounges. It was a fun way to pass a day at sea and we looked forward to meeting up with the ladies and passing the time knitting and crocheting, and oohing and aahing the yarn we would purchase in port.


Two of the ladies were coming over for a day’s visit this week, so my sister came up and the four of us had a day of visiting, yarn shopping and catching up. It was so wonderful seeing them again and I think we need to plan more meet-ups!

As Melissa and I left the house that morning to meet them, I said to my husband, “I won’t be buying any yarn today, just visiting and driving us around.” HAH!

FullSizeRender 58

My fluting weekend went very successfully and we came (via ferry), we walked around the harbour near our hotel, and then we spent a full day of playing, listening (you haven’t lived until you’ve heard a flute choir play Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody!), catching up with old friends, eating and then whoosh, back to the ferry and home. It took me the whole next day to recover…

And now it’s Easter weekend and I’m eating too many chocolate eggs and waiting for the rain to stop. I need a sunny day or two, I need to get the garden cleaned up, I need to get some sunshine on me.



Fortunately, yesterday after a heavy rain in the morning, the sun came out in the afternoon and we got our walk in.

Happy trails to you!

14/52 : 2017

Well, I tried something and failed. I thought it would be handy to learn how to post from my phone since that is where the majority of my photos are and I’ll be travelling around a bit in the next few months and won’t have my computer with me.

I successfully wrote it, added photos, was adding links when I accidentally deleted everything. I tried to get it back but couldn’t find it even though there were numerous updates to the draft. Rats.

Anyway, moving on, another week another poncho!


This is Wrapped Up by Susanne Sommer and it’s a cleverly written pattern that starts as a triangle shawl, uses an i-cord border along the neck edge, joins to knit in the round and ends with an i-cord bind off.


The bind off is really very clever and I’m surprised more patterns don’t use this because it gives such a lovely bottom edge and has plenty of give to block. It does take a lot more yarn to do this bind off however, and I sadly lost at yarn chicken twice before getting it done.


The colours are kind of wild and wacky, but I can roll with that.

Peruvian Poncho.


The yarn is baby alpaca, Indiecita DK, that I purchased last year in Lima, Peru on our tour around South America on a big boat. Baby alpaca + garter stitch = soft squishiness that you never want to take off.

Except maybe when the warm weather finally appears. For that blessed day, I’ll have another one of Susanne Sommer’s patterns made, Summer Sorbet, in a light wool/cotton blend.

IMG_3921 2

Other highlights this week: a 91st birthday party for Warren’s auntie. I made her a Rosewater Beret out of Cascade 200 Superwash in purple. It was a perfect colour as that’s what she was wearing already.

FullSizeRender 54

There was of course fluting this week with a lesson and practice with my friend for a recital in May. This weekend is our annual Flute Choir Workshop, so I’ll be busy with that. It’s always a lot of playing, trying out new music, listening to new music and catching up with old friends. And eating treats!


Happy knitting, happy music and happy treats to you!

13/52 : 2017


I’m happy and I’m sad to report that I finished my ZickZack. Happy because now I can wear it and it’s fabulous… sad because it’s finished and I miss knitting the two different coloured balls together and seeing new colour combinations appear. It was like magic.


On the advice of my sister, who came up for a visit this week, I made it into a poncho. Pre-blocked it wasn’t wide enough; the measurements of the scarf were 11″ by 60″. I thought I could give it a good aggressive blocking, so with my sister’s help we used the blocking wires and stretched it out to 18″ by 60″. After it dried, it bounced back a bit, as I was sure it would, to 16″ and that is a great width for a poncho.

So I seamed up the top edge, left a hole for my head and voila… my ZickZack Poncho.

We had a nice sunny day for a walk to the library, but it was still pretty chilly out. Wanting to wear my poncho, I just plopped it over my jacket, and it was very cozy and I was very colourful. I won’t get lost wearing this!

The yarns used for this project is 1 ball (100 grams) of Crazy Zauberball and 2 different colourways of Sausalito (50 grams each). I divided the first Sausalito into two 25 gram balls and started the shawl with it and the CZ, added in the second colourway (50 grams) of Sausalito into the middle section, and then finished off the shawl with the second half of the first ball. Does that make sense?

Ravelry Details here.

I didn’t take a lot of photos of my sister’s visit. I just forgot and the weather was pretty hideous the whole time. But that didn’t stop us from making a pilgrimage to a couple of yarn shops and down to Deep Cove to visit our favourite shops and have a Honey’s donut and coffee.

And we made Cheez-its! It was a recipe that showed up on our Facebook feed and hmmmm, had to try it!

Cheez-its Recipe.

I will make these again but will try to roll the dough even thinner and bake to crispy. But the cheese… and the sea salt… yum!

Last night we met up with some old friends at their new condo. They downsized from their house to a place with an incredible view, good location… now it has us thinking. Can we do that? Where would I put all my yarn? I don’t know, but it’s interesting… and the view!

night view downtown

I think I’ll go knit and contemplate what life would be like in a much smaller place but with a fabulous view.