13/52 : 2017


I’m happy and I’m sad to report that I finished my ZickZack. Happy because now I can wear it and it’s fabulous… sad because it’s finished and I miss knitting the two different coloured balls together and seeing new colour combinations appear. It was like magic.


On the advice of my sister, who came up for a visit this week, I made it into a poncho. Pre-blocked it wasn’t wide enough; the measurements of the scarf were 11″ by 60″. I thought I could give it a good aggressive blocking, so with my sister’s help we used the blocking wires and stretched it out to 18″ by 60″. After it dried, it bounced back a bit, as I was sure it would, to 16″ and that is a great width for a poncho.

So I seamed up the top edge, left a hole for my head and voila… my ZickZack Poncho.

We had a nice sunny day for a walk to the library, but it was still pretty chilly out. Wanting to wear my poncho, I just plopped it over my jacket, and it was very cozy and I was very colourful. I won’t get lost wearing this!

The yarns used for this project is 1 ball (100 grams) of Crazy Zauberball and 2 different colourwaysย of Sausalito (50 grams each). I divided the first Sausalito into two 25 gram balls and started the shawl with it and the CZ, added in the second colourway (50 grams) of Sausalito into the middle section, and then finished off the shawl with the second half of the first ball. Does that make sense?

Ravelry Details here.

I didn’t take a lot of photos of my sister’s visit. I just forgot and the weather was pretty hideous the whole time. But that didn’t stop us from making a pilgrimage to a couple of yarn shops and down to Deep Cove to visit our favourite shops and have a Honey’s donut and coffee.

And we made Cheez-its! It was a recipe that showed up on our Facebook feed and hmmmm, had to try it!

Cheez-its Recipe.

I will make these again but will try to roll the dough even thinner and bake to crispy. But the cheese… and the sea salt… yum!

Last night we met up with some old friends at their new condo. They downsized from their house to a place with an incredible view, good location… now it has us thinking. Can we do that? Where would I put all my yarn? I don’t know, but it’s interesting… and the view!

night view downtown

I think I’ll go knit and contemplate what life would be like in a much smaller place but with a fabulous view.

12/52 : 2017

This will be a quick post. I have to get the house and myself sparkling for my sister’s visit this afternoon.


It’s Spring finally! It’s so nice to be able to go for a walk and not have to navigate slippery, icy paths. I’ll walk in the rain over icy paths any day!

I had an impulse cast-on the other day and knit a new beret in less than 24 hours. I was looking at socks on Ravelry and was reminded that I had bought the booklet from Tin Can Knits, Handmade in the UK. I decided to buy the booklet when I purchased my Bonny Blue pattern for last summer’s tank. I’m so glad I remembered I had this and immediately cast on for the Rosewater Beret in a skein of Berocco Vintage DK I had leftover from another project.

Blue is a really hard colour to photograph, I’ve decided. This is not the true colour…


This is more like it:

This is pre-blocked. I was too excited to wear it that afternoon.
FullSizeRender 49
This is post-blocked and it’s perfect!

I love it and wear it everywhere. Really!

I’m getting down to the last few inches of my ZickZack Scarf. It’s amazing. I will definitely be making another one of these and I think the key is to go wilder with the colours. Stay tuned.


We had a nice afternoon to go for a walk… but it was a bit too ambitious for me and I was exhausted by the time we got home. This view made it all worthwhile though.


It was about 9k in all, and all downhill going to the water and unfortunately all uphill coming back. My Fitbit says we walked up the equivalent of 55 stories. I had a dish of ice cream as my reward.

Okay, I’m off to get the house ready for the white-glove inspection and welcome my sister!


Have a good week!

11/52 : 2017

Some weeks just meld into one day for me. I can’t remember specifics of anything, just dark, grey, rainy. But those kinds of weeks can be surprisingly productive inside the house. Socks were finished. Handspun was finished. Projects started and works in progress still progressing. Paper shuffling happened.

Finished and wound up:


Autumn Gold. 653 yards. I combined 4oz of Funky Carolina (my last, sadly) Falkland with an equal amount of fibre from Taylored Fibers in Washington. It is a blend of merino, alpaca and silk noils. Now the pattern search begins!

Finished and worn:


Diamond Rib Socks. My pattern, offered for free on Ravelry. Just click on “Free Patterns” tab at the top and the link will take you to the Ravelry pattern page.

Started and half-way there:

Peruvian Poncho. I’m kind of cringing at the colour combination as I’m going along, but that’s what I get for buying 7 skeins in different colours! I keep telling myself it will be a fun thing to wear and go with jeans and a white tee-shirt. Keep telling yourself, Kathleen.




I organized my music this week and weeded out things I’ll never play or that my kids will never play again. This prompted me to organize my paperwork in my office, put my printed patterns in a binder, put yarn away. It feels very good to get that done! I moved my fluting station to my office as well. This gives a little more room to move around the living room. I’m liking this set up for now.



This sweet daughter of ours had her birthday this week. We celebrated via FaceTime. Can’t wait to see her in the real-life this summer!




He’s always looking for a cozy lap to sit upon, especially if there is knitting in that lap. The more complicated the knitting, the more desirable the lap.


It’s not raining. Woohoo! I’m going to headย out for a walk now and get some fresh air and vitD.

Have a good week!