project :: all wound up

Early this summer, I was happy and delighted to be asked to knit some samples for my favourite yarn shop All Wound Up. I joke that's my local LYS even though it's in another country. I had to keep these projects under wraps until the Christmas showcase that happened last weekend, and so now I'm … Continue reading project :: all wound up

wip wednesday – I love lucy bag

Almost there... It's not quite finished.  I'm undecided about whether I should line it (probably should), add handles (that would be handy..hah), and change its purpose from a bike bag to an all-purpose handy bag (it snagged the first time I plopped it in the bike basket...bleah!) For now, I put my well-used quilted bag I … Continue reading wip wednesday – I love lucy bag

wip wednesday – blanket update and a lucy bag

The blanket is now 28" and still growing.  No, still not tired of working on it! It's getting kind of warm to work on with the hotter weather, hence I started a Lucy Bag with some Berroco yarn hanging around.  I'd like to make it a drawstring and use it for my bike's basket to hold … Continue reading wip wednesday – blanket update and a lucy bag

Summer Flowers Throw

Hey, here I am!  As I predicted, I'm a very unfaithful blogger.  I almost deleted the whole thing yesterday, but then I thought of all the effort that's gone into it over the last couple of years, and decided to keep it after all.  It may change direction from what it's been, but that is … Continue reading Summer Flowers Throw